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Can someone spoil 'The Ruins' for me?

Can someone please tell me the ending of the THE RUINS BOOK? I haven't seen the movie yet but I heard the ending isn't the same as the book and frankly I'm not interested in reading the book anytime soon so... Please spoil it!
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The vine suffocates Amy and Pablo, snatches the dying Jeff after the Mayans fill him with arrows for trying to escape, then Eric cuts his own body up like Van Gogh on steroids trying to get the vine pieces out and accidentally stabs Mathias to death in the process, leaving Stacy the last one standing. She's discovered by the producers of Survivor, given a million bucks hard currency and made into an international superstar who goes clubbing with Paris Hilton. But not really. She actually slits her wrists and leaves her body as a warning to any would-be rescuers, but the vine covers it all up, literally. 3 days after everyone dies, Pablo's Greek compadres and a couple Brazilians they picked up on vacation climb onto Vine Hill looking for Pablo and the Mayans start to circle the area once again...
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spoilers for the movie ending.

And the film ending isn't that much different. Everyone dies except for Amy, but she is covered in the vine spores so it's pretty safe to say she will probably die, maybe even before she can reach help. The Greeks still come at the end and make their way to the hill yelling for their friend.
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