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The Best of Youth - Who else has seen it?

After recently viewing the Italian epic "The Best of Youth" for the second time, I just felt the tremendous urge to start advocating it as much as possible here in the JoBlo community. While it isn't necessarily a film for everyone, I can still easily say that it's one of the most profoundly human and deeply moving films I have ever seen. Everything from the meticulously nuanced screenplay to the uncannily fleshed out characters, to the breathtaking performances, and to the huge sublime impact of it all, the film easily ranks right up there with Magnolia and Paris, Texas for me in terms of full-throttle, sublime dramas.

It's just a total shame that its six hour run time is what keeps most people at such an austere distance from The Best of Youth (it originally aired as a mini-series in Italy and was then later re-cut for theatrical release not too long ago), because in all honesty, nearly every minute only adds to the incredibly human, sublime experience of it all. I believe Roger Ebert summed it up best in his review - Just think of it this way: six hours longer, six hours deeper.

Pull up a chair!
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Its such an emotional rich film, your so invested in the characters that its probably the most moving, heartbreakingm uplifting film experience i've ever seen.
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2 scenes from the film


First scene: Strolling down the street and he catches a shot of his dead brother on a poster.
All the prints are for sale except that of his brother's.
The photographer won't sell it, that picture is special.

Second scene, he hunted down the photographer, and they've been best friends for years and years. During a weekend in the country home.
They go for a stroll.

Matteo passes them and returns, embracing them both.
And then they kiss for the first time.
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^ That last scene, one of the final moments of the film, is hands down one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It's such a haunting, poignant, lyrical and pure scene that beautifully sums up the entire experience one undergos with these characters.

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It's one of my favorites of the decade.
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I'm sold. I remember hearing nothing but effusive praise then it got lost in the shuffle. Thanks for the reminder.

Just bumped it to the top of my queue.
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I hope it's available in my local rental place as I usually love movies like this.
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Recently found out that this now available for streaming on Netflix. Schmoes, don't let that 6-hour run time daunt you. This is a film that gets my highest recommendation.

Anyone else seen it since I posted this thread a few years back?
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