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To add to that, I would rather hear Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" on the radio than pretty much anything in the top-40 at this point, Gaga included. That song deserves to be a hit.
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Originally Posted by John@$$ View Post
Metallica isn't a cookie monster band. And there tons of metal bands out there that don't do those vocals.
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Fuck music videos. I don't care how well-done they are; the music video is a medium that has done far worse for promoting music than better. If it takes a video to get someone interested in the music, I take it that person is not really a fan of music to begin with.
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Lady GaGa is the biggest cunt on Earth and her music is retarded and shitty.
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Most people who trash Mainstream music as a whole listen to crappy music themselves.

Also, some people need to realize that sometimes you have to understand the situations related to certain bands. Nirvana et al came along when the economy was in the crapper and a lot of young adults were cynical about their future. I didn't like them at first, but then they eventually grew on me.

Maybe their style doesn't fit how you feel and you need to look elsewhere for catharsis. Honestly, I'd rather hear more bands like Nirvana come out and become truly relevant than the lame Pop crap we've had since the late 90's. As horrible a shape as this country has been in since 2001, you would think that the next massive band like that would hit.

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Hey, this is fun. Time to add some of my music opinions.

I loathe guttural/growling vocals. I'm a metal fan but I hate this. Bands like Napalm Death or Nile can go fuck themselves.

Death metal musicians are fucking clowns. Take a look at this and this and tell me it's not ridiculous. (And yes, I don't like black/extreme metal either)

The Deftones suck balls and Chino Moreno can't sing for shit (moaning and whispering isn't singing).

Coldplay are boring as hell.

Weezer are a bunch of dorks playing rock stars.

Madonna's a bitch, and even though she's into yoga, Kabbalah, and all that spiritual crap, and she adopts kids and acts like a mom... she's still a SLUT and she nearly ruined Guy Ritchie's career.

AC/DC make great drinking music, and I don't care if their songs sound the same. And they are equally good with Johnson as they were with Bon Scott.

Megadeth is awesome but Dave Mustaine is an arrogant prick.

The Black Eyed Peas are shit. They deserve to be shot for what they did to Misirlou. (and incidentally, why the hell is Will.I.Am showing up in films?)

Any hip-hop artist that samples songs from other genres sucks ass. Since when did rap become all about sampling?

Eminem's a douchebag who never grew up.

Disturbed are a rocking band, selling a million albums doesn't make them a bad band.

Jonathan Davis is a dipshit still trying to act angsty and nonconformist when he's pushing 40 and earning millions.

Radio is inconsequential. I stopped listening to it about six years ago.

Emo sucks balls.

I fucking hate 30 Seconds to Mars... Jared Leto couldn't make it as an actor, so now he's making shit music.

The Mars Volta is just a bunch of noise.

Green Day went from being a fun punk band to poppy alt rock with a "message".

Billy Corgan is one of the worst singers to ever live.

I can appreciate what The Beatles did for music, but they are definitely not one of the best bands to ever exist. To quote Airheads: "My whole life people have been shoving this classic rock crap down my throat; and you really think I give a shit about The Beatles?"

I'm an Offspring fan but their geezer guitar player hasn't learned how to properly play the instrument in 20 plus years (by his own admission, or so I've read). Maybe they could try with someone else for a bit?

Iron Maiden are one of the best live acts you'll ever see.

MTV is utter garbage. But we knew that already.
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Blood on the dance floor is possibly the most arrogant band i have ever known.

Absolutely horrible.
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Originally Posted by Jerk Shapiro View Post
I'd say 99 percent of the time a band's best song is NOT the song you will hear on the radio. The only exception I can think of are the Stone Temple Pilots, who never made a good song that wasn't a single.

I'd say 99 percent of music one hears on the radio completely blows the cock. Search and discovery outside the realm of popular radio is the only way I survive.

Fuck bands who can't play well live. I don't care if they're a "studio band". Again, fuck that bullshit.
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The Beatles SUCK!!
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