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Big Brother

I know there have got to be someone out there in the forum who also watches this and enjoys it for the social study that it is!

All I have to say about the last episode is wow, Willie, wow.
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I admit, I watch it from time to time, I find it to be the most rewarding of the "reality" shows. Big Brother After Dark is especially entertaining when one is drunk

The way the cast built it up, I thought the thing with Willie would be a lot worse. He barely even touched him. If you're going to head butt a fool, head butt a fool.
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These last couple of weeks are probably some of the best in reality TV history. Yeah, it's rigged a bit, but by allowing people to watch 24/7 (After Dark is great) it forces it to be less rigged than a lot of shows. Dan's move may be the most legendary in BB history. There are a couple of Dr. Will moves that are close, but I think Dan's takes the cake. I hope he rolls with Frank 'til the end.

I'm not much of a fan of reality TV, but I'll always have a soft spot for Big Brother. It's just really damn entertaining.
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I'm really liking this season, and the live feeds have been great.

If Dan wins again, it will be hard to deny him as the Greatest BB player of all time. Until that happens though, Dr.Will is still the Champ.

Sidenote: First Season of BB Canada is starting next year, casting is now open. I'll be going to the open auditions in Toronto on Oct.14th!
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Yeah, Dan's move was the ballsiest thing I've ever seen on the show. Frank is still my choice to win it all simply because I WANT him to win it all. Ian has played a great game up until this point, too, but I feel his time is running short. Both Frank and Dan now know his genius and he's a definite target.

I can't wait to see Joe gone. I HATE floaters.
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Bitter jury much? Generally they come around by the end of it and award the best game play, but not so much this time around. Not to say that Ian played a bad game (he played a great game), but Dan made like 5 legendary moves in a row leading up to the finale.

Also, how the fuck did Frank get America's player? He was ranked like 12 on a Big Brother fan poll. That was definitely rigged.
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I wanted to see Frank win it all. He was my favorite of the bunch. And I agree about the jury holding a grudge. Ian played a great game, his movie to get Boogie out was fantastic play, but come on, Dan dominated and manipulated this season from day 1. Despite him not being the second person to win 2 BB's, my vote goes to Dan as the best BB player ever.

Oh, and I would enjoy putting my peen in Danielle. That is all.
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