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Adventure Time

Who else here follows the misadventures of Finn and Jake?

I first heard about this show back in June when a friend and her boyfriend raved about it to me. It's definitely had a cult following over the past few years but where I'd never even heard of it a few months ago, after that point, it seems like I've started seeing the mentions of this show grow and pop up everywhere exponentially.

It's set in the Land of Ooo which Ward has said is a post-apocalyptic setting, "after the bombs have fallen and magic has come back into the world", and follows Finn, a boy who is the only known human alive and his magical dog Jake as they adventure on as heroes.

I was a little hesitant at first because I was afraid it was going to be something like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, whose humour never quite clicked with me. I am only midway through Season 2 but it's quickly becoming one of my favourite shows. It gives me a bit of the same feeling that Calvin & Hobbes always did of being a kid with limitless possibilities - at least only limited to your imagination - it's like this generation's psychedelic cousin to that comic strip. And Pendleton Ward has mentioned being inspired by the happy sweet feeling that My Neighbour Totoro (one of my all-time favourite films) evokes, which I totally get from the series, mixed in with his Simpsons influences for subversive humor (though Adventure Time is far weirder) and David Lynch for the horror.

The series is surreal and beautifully drawn (watch in HD if you can). It's like the most colourful dream I've never had (it's also a perfect show for stoners) and I haven't seen an episode yet where I've known where it's going to take me. While some of the humour can get a bit dark, definitely sometimes perverse and almost always weird, it's a surprisingly sweet show with Finn and Jake's friendship at the heart of it. You really start to care about the pair.

Anyway, if you like offbeat humour and surrealism and haven't seen this yet, check it out. The only reason I'm not blazing through and caught up already is cause I'm savouring the show as much as possible.

Pendleton Ward (the creator) is also doing some art for Charlie Kaufman's Kickstarter-funded stop-motion animated short Anomalisa, produced by Dan Harmon (the creator of Community), which is probably the winningest bizarro team-up ever.

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I catch this show every now and then, and i certainly agree with everything you said JCPhoenix. The one episode that pretty much blew my mind was the Zombie episode. What a surreal, nutty ride that episode was. Those creators are so willing to go off the wall and back again for a nutty episode.

And yeah, stoners will eat this up!
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Originally Posted by JCPhoenix View Post
Who else here follows the misadventures of Finn and Jake?
(raises hand)

I was on board from the "Hug Wolf" episode ("Uh, I have a wife..."; "No more hugs! (without consent!)"). Gotta love the ep with the bears raving inside a monster's stomach, too.
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