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Agent Carter

Anybody watch this? Is this another bust for Marvel in terms of television? Is this another disappointment just like the shockingly and disappointedly mediocre and blah Agents of SHIELD? Or did Marvel learn from their mistake and actually make a good show?

I wanted to give this show a shot since I really liked Haley Atwell in the first Captain America movie. She was very appealing and I like this character. But while Marvel was a pretty good track record for their movies, tv wise not so much since Agents of SHIELD just isn't very good. I'm hopeful but skeptical.
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I started watching it on Hulu, and just lost interest. It's as bland as can be. Marvel might be kicking ass with their movies, but they are very mediocre when it comes to TV. Even their animated shows suck.

I do have hope for Daredevil. It looks to be following in the footsteps of Arrow.
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Although I love Hayley Atwell and her performance as Peggy Carter in Captain America, my expectations for Agent Carter were very low, mostly because of Agents of Shield. I'm not a fan of that show in the slightest. It's not bad, but it is a colossal disappointment, and I can't watch it anymore.

As for Agent Carter, I loved every minute of the two-hour premiere. Atwell is great and drop dead gorgeous, and the show features an old-fashioned sense of adventure and fun. It's a cross between Dick Tracy and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, with a dash of His Girl Friday. I also like the supporting cast, which includes James D'Arcy (who has solid chemistry with Atwell) as Jarvis, Chad Michael Murray (I haven't seen this dude in anything since the House of Wax remake), and Eli fucking Thompson himself, Shea Whigham.

I'll certainly be watching every week, and I only hope it keeps the fun coming. With The Flash and now Agent Carter, I look forward to Tuesday nights.

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Better than Agents of SHIELD already. Although I'm quickly growing bored of that show.

May just be because the Russo Bros directed the first two eps.
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