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Hell on Wheels

Starting a thread as I cant seem to find any others on here surrounding the series.

In the UK this series is really had to get to see.

I have really enjoyed seasons 1-3 and think Anson Mount has been really solid as Cullen Bohannan and someone I can really get behind as a bad ass gunslinger, the supporting cast as well has been good and bad at times.

Just finished season 4........here lies some of my issues with Hell on Wheels as a whole, the script and writing of some episodes, This season felt all over the place as if they really didnt have an end game of what they wanted to do.

Seasons 1-3 at times was excellent, but some of the filler episodes just felt so empty its as if they couldnt be bothered putting anything together.

I see it has been renewed for season 5 which im happy about, although its lost a lot of momentum since the end of season 3 due to the delays on season 4 actually being made.

Wondering what everyones thoughts are on it?
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Old 12-24-2014, 07:35 PM
I've actually only seen a handful of the season one episodes and it didn't really keep my interest.

BUT since its streaming on Netflix , I think I'll give it another shot!

(I do like the lead in this and think he should be a bigger star)
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I've liked Mount since he was in Line of Fire a decade ago. He does a nice job in this role but this show is maddeningly uneven.
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