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Sarah Palin and her crazy church

Too bad this is fake, cause it would be hawt...

Now that that's out of the way, Sarah Palin belongs to the Assembly of God church that believes in such things as "praying the gay away."

Here's the video of her saying the war in Iraq is "God's will" and that we should pray for a new oil pipeline.


And part two where she's doing God's plan herself.


Crazy shit about her pastor - the guy thinks anyone critical of Bush is critical of God:

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I'm not even going to entertain this...the Assemblies of God denomination is far from "crazy". Maybe some of their congregants are out there.
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I really don't give a shit about her religious affiliations, you should realize that if this becomes a talking point that the Republicans will have every reason to pull out the Reverend Wright card again.
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I think the picture was concocted by Palin's own supporters. You see that guy in the background smoking the cigarette. This is who they want voting for the ticket in November.

These debates are going to be awesome. I'm betting this will be the year a candidate will step from behind the podium and start yelling and pointing at the other while screaming "He's a sinner!" Everyone set your DVRs.
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Originally Posted by Homyrrh View Post
I'm not even going to entertain this...the Assemblies of God denomination is far from "crazy". Maybe some of their congregants are out there.
The Assemblies of God church states that among its 16 most fundamental principles, which are "basic and non-negotiable" for all members, speaking in tongues is a requirement for proof of salvation as is a belief in faith healers being able to remove sickness and demons from people by laying their hands on them.

That's fucking crazy

Not to mention Palin specifically believes that killing kids overseas and building oil pipelines in Alaska is God's will. Funny how God and Halliburton have so many of their interests in common.
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The problem with politicians and churches is you never know if they are going because it's something they believe in or if they are just going to win votes because we are a *long* way off from an atheist or moderate religionist (lol is that a word?) winning an election.


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