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Hollow Man (2000)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven

Tagline: What would you do if you were invisible? How far would you go?

Synopsis: Scientists discover how to make animal and human patients invisible, but their latest experiment is also turning into an insane serial killer who’s beginning to stalk them.

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Shue, Greg Grunberg, Kim Dickens, Rhona Mitra

Since this is a Verhoeven film, you’re probably already expecting a grand amount of special effects and violence. Verhoeven has even managed to combine violence and special effects with powerful themes before and produce very strong films (“Robocop”, “Basic Instinct”). However, “Hollow Man” is a movie that lacks plot all-together. The good news is that Verhoeven’s 2000 flick has enough FX, boobs, and bloodshed to tide you over if you need a quick sci-fi horror fix. Like the shots of nudity in the film, actors seem to be on the screen (all but one of them, anyway) simply because Verhoeven needs something to keep the audiences attention in between action sequences. This isn’t all bad though- in fact, I enjoyed this little “Invisible Man” inspired exploitation-fest. Hell, we get to see Rhona Mitra’s rack at one point (no, I’m not lying). The single most interesting, or developed, character is Shue‘s. Bacon does the best he can with what he is given (which isn’t much), but his development into this mad invisible monster isn’t realistic and just simply seems to happen because… well… it’s a horror film. On the plus side, most of the deaths, special effects, action, etc. are creative.

Overall, I’d say this is a pretty entertaining popcorn flick containing good special effects and intense action towards the movies climax. What you should note is that the attraction to this movie is all spectacle and nothing more. If you’re expecting anything else you’ll be sorely disappointed. Walk into “Hollow Man” with the appropriate expectations and you’ll walk out satisfied.

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7/10. Very entertaining movie.
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I loved this movie but it took forever to kill him at the end.
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I really enjoyed the first half but alas the second half devolves into a really silly slasher flick. Overall it's very disappointing. Kevin Bacon is cool though, as he almost always is.

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