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Miss. 007's Reviews

I base all my revies out of 5 things
1. Plot ( Out of 5)
2. Acting (Out of 5)
3. Music ( Out of 5)
4. Ending ( Out of 5)
5. Advertisement ( Out of 5)

1. The Haunting Of Molly Hartley

Plot - The plot in this movie was pretty well thought, altough there were some major loop holes near the end. The story is never really boring, but soemtimes locking. 3/5.

Acting - Haley Bennet put in a solid (No better) performance in the film. Chace crawford, did'nt do much for me. He was lame at most parts, and unconvincing in the others. 4/5

Music - The music really fits the theme of the movie (Usually). If it was'nt for the fact that the music is a little annoying at parts, it would be a 5/5, but now its a 4/5.

Ending - Now, here was my major problem with this movie, there really was no ending. Viewers are left confused and shocked, and have to look up what really happend. 2/5

Advertisements - The commercials and Trailers for this movie were very intruiging, however the movie does not quite hold up to the standards put after the commercials. 3/5


What i do for the overall rating is i add the up the ratings for each categories, and mark it out of 25.

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Role Models

Plot - I went into this movie, thinking it was a light minded comedy, I was wrong. It has a pretty solid storyline, and a subtle message weived throughout. 4/5

Acting - The acting in this movie was awesome. All four main charectors did an outsanding job. 5/5

Music - It had some pretty good music, but there was'nt that much of it. 3/5

Ending - It ends very nicely. The viewers leave happy and excited. 5/5

Advertisements - The commercials set the bar high for this movie, and the movie jumps over that bar. 5/5

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