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Bowling for Columbine reviewwed by: ME!!

Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine

On the date of Tuesday, April 20, 1999 two students came to Columbine High-School of Jefferson County, Colorado with a variety of fire-arms, killing twelve students, a teacher, and then themselves. Michael Moore's documentary, Bowling For Columbine is a powerful, informative documentary that not only explores why the Columbine Shootings occured, but how to prevent it from ever happening again.

Moore uses real videos of shootings, including clips of those at Columbine, and other pop-culture videos (such as a Chris Rock stand-up segment on "Bullet Controll") about shootings and gun-control to tell the story, along with interviewing many celebrities linked to the shootings and students from Columbine High. Some of the figures that he interviews are Trey Parker (One of the geniuses behind South Park who went to a school around Columbine), Marilyn Manson (Which, imo, proves to be the most fascinating part of the film, in which he proves to be less of an influence on the shootings than the president.), and the head of the NRA who seems to be much more of a villian than Manson-coming to Columbine and also the town in which a first-grade boy shot and killed one of his classmates only a week after the shootings.

One of the most powerful pieces in the film is that of the father of a student who was shot-down at a peace rally(?) type convention giving a speech. Moore also uses satire in Bowling For Columbine which gives it a unique charm, such as a cartoon involving the white males of America, slaves, and guns.

In one particulair segment of the film, he show the rate of deaths by gunshots in France, Germany, and Canada-none of which even coming close to the whopping 11 thousand (Correct me if I'm wrong on this.) in America. Then he goes to Canada, and shows his audience that there are just as many guns, hunters, violent movies/games, and rock music as in America-so what gives!? One student Moore interviews (outside of Taco-Bell rofl!!) says that America has always solved problems by violence, whereas Canada and other countries negotiate-which I think is a very valid point.
Interesting tid-bit: Did you know that in Canada, hardly anybody locks their doors like over here in the States? Well now you do!!

All-in-all, Bowling For Columbine is a very important, very powerful film that I feel everybody should see at least once. Perhaps someday, schools could show this film to students as I feel that it will change the way they look at guns and school shootings. I have yet to see any other films of Moore's, but after Bowling For Columbine, I certainly would like to!

Bowling For Columbine: 4/4

(By the way, this was my first Review outside of the Horror Review Board. It wasn't so bad-I guess. )
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Well done sir. Loved this, one of Moore's better documentaries.
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Thank you very much Trail, I must say that your compliment was well-played also.
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