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Push (2009)

Push - **1/2 (6/10)

I am amazed they could fit so much and yet so little into this sci-fi action flick. They hurl about half a dozen different types of special powers at you, in about a dozen or so characters and yet the exact plot is so pointless and generally stale you don't want to be nearly as interested in this movie as you are. That's the best way i can describe the watching experience of Push, the movie many are calling 2009's Jumper.

There are people in the world with various superpowers and special abilities, and these people are tracked by a corporation called the Division, who are never fully explained as to who they work out of and just who they work for. Division captures these people and there is a serum that they insert these people with, and so far, everyone has died. That is up until a pusher (pushing people's minds) survives the serum and escapes. Division then must track her down. Enter Nick and Cassie, a mover and watcher, a briefcase, and a race to find Kira and keep her away from the claws of Division.

The movie stands at almost two hours, which admittedly, is way too long for a movie of this kind. It doesn't deliver nearly as many action scenes as you'd expect, and instead tries to work on very intellectual dialogue and mind-battles to gain the next step in the race between the watchers. The way the people talk about it, they make it sound a lot more interesting than it is. They talk about so many different things and different possibilities that the movie could take, yet none of it happens. I rarely see a movie hurl itself so much potential and at the same time completely ignore it like the plague.

There are decent performances from all (well, everyone but Camilla Belle), as Chris Evans continues to prove his skill in the versatile category, and props to Dakota Fanning for being a badass watcher, even at the age of 14. Her drunken rant halfway through the movie will probably be the comedy event of February 2009. Her attire is a little questionable, as it almost looked like child porn at some points, but we'll ignore that. Djimon Honsou was also the epitome of cool as the leader of Division, and sparks fly when his character does the rare pushing sequence. When speaking about Camilla Belle, I can't really say anything too nice. In every movie I have seen her in, she has been unimpressive and surprisingly wooden in performances commanding much more emotion (When a Stranger Calls, for instance). She just has no presence whatsoever.

The action that IS in the movie is beautifully shot and quite entertaining. The punches from the movers spark in a rainbow-esque style, and they hurl each other about a very creative set to provide neat scenery to its action. It all rounds itself neatly up, but seems to forget it didnt bring nearly enough pieces for a whole puzzle. Too much pretending to give us action, as you'll see quite a number of scenes where guns get involved yet nobody gets shot. Eventually you just have to give us the goods if you continue to tempt us.

Overall, you're not going to get what you paid for, as you will undoubtedly have expected a lot more action, but you'll get a decent product. An engaging background but slightly weak foreground, with a very stylistic vision that was almost seen the whole way through. Too bad there's no sequel talk with this one, as there is with Jumper, as there is still so much more about the beings to explore. Oh well, guess potential doesn't always get the attention it deserves.
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