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The Next 6 Songs on Shuffle

Ah, the magic of shuffle. I like to keep my iPod on shuffle throughout the day, and let the songs it picks kind of tell the story of my day, as odd as that sounds. But, nonetheless, shuffle can be fun!

So, shuffle your music player and hit us with the next 6 songs that come on -regardless of how embarassing they might be! Also give a little tidbit about how ya feel about the song, if you feel the need to.

#1 - Reach Down - Temple of the Dog
Hell yeah, starting it out with some nasty hard rock. Gotta love hearing Chris Cornell's voice. Love this track, glad it popped up on shuffle. I probably haven't listened to it in over a year. Love the long runtime and badass jams in the middle of the tune. This is how alt-rock should sound. All bands that think they make good alt-rock today should take heed of Temple of the Dog.

#2 - Tuff Love - Galactic (Feat. Trombone Shorty)
Again, hell yeah. I just returned from Mardis Gras in New Orleans, Galactic's hometown, so I'm still feeling the effects of the bayou. Galactic's music encompasses everything I love about New Orleans. The funk, the nastiness, the dirtyness.

#3 - Golden Parachute - Prince
Funk pop at its finest. That's about all I can say. I consider Prince to be a musical genius on the same level as Miles Davis or Stevie Wonder, so it's great to hear this amazing track from The Slaughterhouse. As always, Prince never fails.

#4 - The Shadow - Garaj Mahal
Siiick. These guys are a nasty, nasty funk/jam band who have a unique style. I just recently downloaded a couple albums and have been thoroughly impressed so far by what they can do in the studio, a place most jambands lose their flare, in my opinion. Damn, the song just got way jazzy - which is incredible. Amazing playing on every instrument as well, somebody check these guys out!

#5 - Hear My Train A Comin' - Jimi Hendrix
Ah. What can be said about the greatest of all-time. Fucking love Hendrix and all the music he put out throughout his very short career. If he were alive today, I really think music would be completely fucking different than it is now. Who knows what we'd be listening to...

#6 - Funky Drummer > Superbad - Lettuce
These guys are probably my favorite all around funk band making music today. They pay homage to James B. here with this medley of tunes, and they bring some funky heat.
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On my ipod Nano:

#1: Necro - I Need Drugs
Awesome drug Ballad, just how I feel...

#2: Maino - Be Me
Pretty good song, one of the hits off his debut album, definetly a confidence upper

#3: Chamillionaire - Get Your Burners Out
This one pumps me up with the awesome build up in the beginning

#4: DJ Khaled Feat. Kanye West & T-Pain - Go Hard
Kanye doin his thang on this one, helps boost the ego hearing one of the cockiest rappers ever

#5: Beanie Sigel Feat. Jay-Z - Gutted
Chillin layed back track, something to blaze to.

#6: Tech N9ne Feat. Skatterman & Snug Brim - Riot Maker (Enjoy)
And a nice finish with the most underrated rapper ever Tech N9ne pumpin people up, makes you wanna smash someone, haha.
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#1 - Sweet Little Sixteen - Chuck Berry
The origin of surf music right here.

#2 - Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
Another great early rock song.

#3 - Many Shades of Black - The Raconteurs
Possibly my favorite song off of Consolers of the Lonely, but I do need to hear Carolina Drama again.

#4 - Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
One of the great sappy love songs that I'll probably never feel a strong desire to listen to even if it's on my iPod.

#5 - Love Me Two Times - The Doors
Great riff.

#6 - That's the Way - Led Zeppelin
One of the three or four good songs off of III.
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#1 - The Nurse Who Loved Me - A Perfect Circle
Interesting deviation from the harder sound Keenan's projects are usually known for. Love the fantasy atmosphere this song creates.

#2 - Manhattan - Kings of Leon
Ok, but not a track I really listen to often.

#3 - Midnight Show - The Killers
Great example of the energy that Hot Fuss has.

#4 - Mr. Jones - The Counting Crows
By now it's overplayed, but it's also the centrepiece of the Crows' pop rock appeal that made them famous.

#5 - Dirty Thief - Diamond Nights
This song is just a lot of fun.

#6 - Alternative Teenage Suicide - Burning Brides
Dmitri Coats' growling voice fits in great with the gritty guitar sound.
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Peace Beneath The City - Iron and Wine

Hello Goodbye - The Beatles

The Sheep in the Boots - The Tossers

That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker - OAR

Gamma Ray - Beck

Knights of Cydonia - Muse
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Originally Posted by Le_Big_Mac View Post
#6 - That's the Way - Led Zeppelin
One of the three or four good songs off of III.

No way... Ya think so? I love III and everything it's about. Possibly my favorite album of all time!
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1.Apres Moi-Regina Spektor
I've listened to this album a pretty fair amount of times and I'd say this is probably my favorite track, a really cool song.

2. The Real Slim Shady-Eminem
Reminds me of jr. high, which was probably the last time I heard it. But it's bringing back a lot of memories from that time.

3. Reservations-Wilco
I've listened to this song too little to have a real opinion on it.

4. The Big Come Down-Nine Inch Nails
Like everything else on The Fragile, it's pretty much perfect.

5. Somebody Someone-Korn
I actually really don't like Korn, a friend insisted that I put their Greatest Hits on my computer...No opinion on this one.

6. Graduate-Third Eye Blind
Awesome song, I used to listen to these guys religiously. Good nostalgia.
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1. The Soft Machine - Hulloder
One of their shorter segue-like pieces rather than a full song, so it doesn't really show off how great this band could be. It's a nice song nevertheless. It isn't readily apparent from this particular song, but Hugh Hopper is a great bassist.

2. Rumah Sakit - Go Horsey Go (Live)
I really dig math rock a lot, these guys have a great sound.

3. The Allman Brothers Band - One Way Out (Live)
Hell of a band, don't listen to them as often as I should. Not the best sound quality (bootleg).

4. David Holmes - Dice Men
From one of my favourite soundtracks (Ocean's 13). Not my favourite track, but still good.

5. Pink Floyd - Brain Damage (Live)
Obviously an amazing song, you don't need me to tell you that. Pretty decent sound quality on this one too (another bootleg)

6. Sleater-Kinney - Words and Guitar
Corin Tucker has a fantastic voice. Love this song's chorus.

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Take a Bow (Muse)
Stranger Things Have Happened (Foo Fighters)
Sliver (Nirvana)
Cold (Crossfade)
Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) (Led Zeppelin)
Building A Mystery (Sarah McLachlan)
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It's all about soul-Billy Joel
Sweet child of mine-GNR
we will rock you/we are the champions-Queen
Crazy on you-Heart
Touch to much-AC/DC
Let's Make it-AC/DC
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Originally Posted by Jerk Shapiro View Post
No way... Ya think so? I love III and everything it's about. Possibly my favorite album of all time!
The whole country, barnyard stomp angle didn't jive with me. Granted Tangerine, Since I've Been Loving You and Immigrant Song are all top-notch! Led Zeppelin I is still the most perfect of the quadrilogy in my book. Anyway, I'll do another shuffle:

#1 - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol

#2 - Vertigo - U2

#3 - Just What I Needed - The Cars

#4 - Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection

#5 - People Are Strange - The Doors

#6 - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Eventually, I'll have as much contemporary music as old music on my iPod...

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Right on. And agreed I - IV are all superb.

Another six, (about to add 2pac's entire discography to my collection in order to create perhaps the deepest shuffle of alltime)

Dara Factor One - Weather Report
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself - The White Stripes
Elegant People - Weather Report
Mic Check - Rage Against the Machine
Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd
Drone Blues - Jimi Hendrix
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Tripping Daisy - Our Drive to the Sun/Can a Man Mark It?
Hatfield and the North - Rifferama
Squarepusher - The Modern Bass Guitar
Locanda Delle Fate - Profumo di Colla Bianca
Van Der Graaf Generator - Every Bloody Emperor
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Live)
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Into My Arms: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
An amazing, beautiful, love song that moves me every time I hear it. Also, how can you not love its first line.

Emmylou Harris: Pancho and Lefty
I love Emmylou Harris voice, and this is a great track from one of her best albums; Luxury Liner.

Phoenix: Aimee Mann
Smilers wasn't Aimee Mann's best album, but this is a good track from a middling album, an even when she's not at her very best Aimee is better than most singer/songwriters out there.

Seductress of Bums: The Raveonettes
Oh, I LOVE The Raveonettes third album, Pretty in Black. It sounds like The Jesus and Mary Chain time travelling back to the 50's to make surf pop, and this track is one of its finer moments (no match for Love in a Trashcan, mind)

Start to End: Sons and Daughters
Probably my favourite band right now. This one is from their brilliant debut mini-album Love the Cup, which I've heard many, many times and still love pretty much every note of.

Picky Bugger: Elbow
Not my favourite track from Leaders of the Free World, but still an excellent track, and a real reminder of just what I was missing out on by not getting into Elbow sooner.
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Another set:

Read My Mind (The Killers)
Disenchanted (My Chemical Romance)
You Never Give Me Your Money (The Beatles)
Adia (Sarah McLachlan)
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)
Sour Girl (Stone Temple Pilots)
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Race Against Myself - Offspring

You Said Something - PJ Harvey

Anybody Listening - Queensryche

Statecontrol - The Hives

Song 2 - Blur

Butterflies and Hurricanes - Muse
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I'll also do another set:

1.Half Right-Elliott Smith
2.I Never Came-Queens of the Stone Age
3.Rodeo-Garth Brooks (say what you want about the genre, but Garth is awesome)
4.Along Comes Mary-The Association
5.Moving in Stereo-The Cars
6.Right on Time-Red Hot Chili Peppers
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What's the difference-Dr. Dre
Master of Puppets(S&M verison)-Metallica
Suicide Solution-Ozzy Osbourne
Long Walk Home-Bruce Springsteen
Albuqerque-Weird Al
Migration-Jimmy Buffet
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#1 - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right To Party - Beastie Boys
A really rockin' song, although actually playing it at a party is akin to playing Every Breath You Take at a wedding.

#2 - Red House - Jimi Hendrix
A masterful blues song by the greatest of all guitarists.

#3 - You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
I really need to actually buy Let It Bleed.

#4 - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? - Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Not one of Costello's more intricately written songs, which is obvious from the title, but a great one nonetheless.

#5 - U Can't Touch This - M.C. Hammer
I don't even know why I have this on my iPod anymore.

#6 - Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Five much more daring, wacky albums later, this is still one of their best songs.
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1- Bundles Hot Now - Stack Bundles
2- I Love Tha Pussy - Brandon T. Jackson
3- Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N' Roses
4- Til I Die - Maino
5- Rock Bottom - Ruff Ryders/David Banner
6- Industry is Punks - Tech N9ne
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#1 - Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff
#2 - Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones
#3 - Stronger - Kanye West
#4 - That's the Way - Led Zeppelin
#5 - (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
#6 - Peacebone - Animal Collective
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1# My Drug Buddy - The Lemonheads

2# Stereo - Pavement

3# Moth in the Incubator - The Flaming lips

4# Sound of Science - Beastie Boys

5# St. Elmo's Fire - Stereolab

6# Y Control Yeah Yeah Yeahs
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Give Me - A Tribe Called Quest - The Love Movement

Adult Books - X

Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me - Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 3 Soundtrack Obviously creepy

Sonho Dourado - Daniel Lanois - Friday Night Lights Soundtrack

Lover's Spit (non-Feist version)- Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in the People I prefer the Feist version more, so much more organic. The "fizziness' of this version almost keeps me at a distance.

Ecstasy - PJ Harvey - Rid of Me A real accomplished bluesy howler.
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Finntroll - Det Iskalla Trollblodet
Volta do Mar - Breaking Ribs for Tom Thayer
Kauan - Aamu Ja Kaste
Kyrie Eleison - Lenny
Tyondai Braxton - Raise Yr Arms and Cross Them
Unifaun - Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister
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1. O.P.P. - Naughty By Nature
2. 2 Turntables and a Mic - Sheek Louch
3. I Fucked Your Bitch - G-Unit
4. Gimmie That Nutt - Eazy-E
5. Droppin Names - Dirt Nasty
6. The Rain - Tech N9ne
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#1 - Life's a Bitch - Nas Feat. A.Z.
#2 - The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan
#3 - Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney
#4 - Mama Kin - Aerosmith
#5 - Floaty - Foo Fighters
#6 - I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles
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Next ones on shuffle on my iTunes (I don't have an iPod);

Eels - "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)"
Therion - "The Siren of the Woods"
Eminem - "Evil Deeds"
NoFX - "Mattersville"
Acid Bath - "What Colour is Death?"
Barenaked Ladies - "Get in Line"
The Hives - "Walk Idiot Walk"

So, I have some pretty eclectic tastes in music.
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Hella - Brown Medal 2003
Atrium Carceri - Synaptic Transmission
Genesis - Carpet Crawlers (Live)
Sir Lord Baltimore - Master Heartache
Parts & Labor - A Great Divide
James Chance and the Contortions - My Infatuation
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#1 - Without Me - Eminem
#2 - Hands - The Raconteurs
#3 - She Loves You - The Beatles
#4 - Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
#5 - You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
#6 - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones
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1. Old Time Rock and Roll-Bob Seger
2. Let's Push Things Forward-The Streets
3. 7 Shades of Black-Smashing Pumpkins
4. Dear Your Holiness-Bayside
5. Death of an Interior Decorator-Death Cab For Cutie
6. Lady-Regina Spektor
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#1 - Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters
#2 - Derek - Animal Collective
#3 - Heroes - David Bowie
#4 - Train in Vain - The Clash
#5 - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John
#6 - Your Song - Elton John
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The Bends by Radiohead
Razzle Dazzle Rose by Camera Obscura
Suite Bergamasque: 3. "Clair de Lune" by Alexis Weissenberg One of three pieces of Music I consider to be the most beautiful of all time.
Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years by Mew
Dinner At Eight by Rufus Wainwright
Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky
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Originally Posted by Sigur509;2990097
"Clair de Lune" by Alexis Weissenberg[b
One of three pieces of Music I consider to be the most beautiful of all time.[/b]

Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years by Mew

Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky
Great tunes, dude. New convert to Mew - Zookeeeper's Boy brought me round - and Tricky is old skool awesome. Clair De Lune became a firm favourite last year, too, after my fiancee went on a classical music tip.

Do you like Wagner's Tristan & Isolde? Also, I keep meaning to tell you: try 65daysofstatic. They are sublime.

Anywho, I'm not listening to anything just now. I have an eye-patch after a small operation, so I'm watching Revolutionary Road. Therefore I will bow out of this thread.
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Empty: Metric
Excellent, slow building, track from Live It Out, which builds from a simple acoustic riff backing Emily Haines to a full on rock out, with a particularly great moment when, two minutes in, the band get to stop holding back.

Hanging Around: The Cardigans
Gran Turismo is The Cardigans' most underrated album. Here they fuse their pop sensibilty to an almost trip-hop melody. It's not my favourite from the album, but still a solid track.

YFLMD: Giant Drag
Or, to give it its full title, You Fuck Like My Dad. I like the almost lazy sound of this track, the nonchalant vocal. It's ridiculously simple, but worms its way into your brain.

Over [Live]: Portishead
Beth Gibbons' voice is one of my favourite sounds in the world, and it's truly spectacular on this version of probably my favourite Portishead song.

Play Dead: Bjork
Amazingly this standout track (taken from the soundtrack of largely forgotten movie The Young Americans) wasn't on the initial printing of Bjork's Debut. For me it's still among the best things she's ever done, her vocal is astounding, and David Arnold's production (those strings) complements it perfectly.

The Step and the Walk: The Duke Spirit
The first single from The Duke Spirit's second album Neptune, this is a meat and potatoes rocker which, like much of the band's work is given a kick in the pants by Leila Moss' fantastic soulful voice.
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I also dont have a Ipod(mine got stolen out of my car)

1)Drop The Girl-Hit The Lights
2)End Of Heartache-Killswitch Engage
3)Rooftops(A Liberation Broadcast)-Lostprophets
4)Tuesday's Gone-Metallica
5)Golden I-Mindless Self Indulgence
6)Float On-Modest Mouse
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#1 - Twist and Shout - The Beatles
#2 - World Town - M.I.A.
#3 - Miserlou - Dick Dale & The Del-Tones
#4 - Apple Tree - Wolfmother
#5 - Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
#6 - I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
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I Wanna Rock You Hard This Christmas - The Dan Band
Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
Theme From Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not) - Joey Scarbury
Heat of the Moment - Asia
Drive All Night - Bruce Springsteen
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The Raveonettes - "Love in a Trashcan"
The Pogues - "Navigator"
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Up From the Skies"
TV on the Radio - "Shout Me Out"
Blind Guardian - "When Sorrow Sang"
Metallica - "So What?"
Rage Against the Machine - "Take the Power Back"
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Frank Zappa - It Must Be a Camel
Nadja - I Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth
Free System Projekt - Moyland Part 3
Agalloch - The Hawthorne Passage
Anthony Phillips - Beauty and the Beast
Ui - Blood in the Air
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Hear My Laughter - Rachael Cantu
She's really gooood!

The Same Boy You've Always Known - The White Stripes

Sad Songs - Elton John

Redefine - Incubus

Downtown - Tegan And Sara

Heard Them Stirring - Fleet Foxes
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