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Old 04-12-2009, 12:57 AM
The Destroyer Books (Remo Williams) - anyone else read them?

I read this story at the Onion AV club about a guy who had a box full of Destroyer books. Link here.

Did anyone else read any of these books? I did back in high school. I still have about ten or so. They were pretty fun, often very violent, and usually pretty funny.

I once knew a guy who loved the movie Remo Williams, but had never even heard of the books (I guess he loved the movie so much he never bothered to read the credits). When I told him about the books (I even lent him one of mine), he went crazy over them. Within a few weeks he owned dozens of them. His wife even spent a pretty penny on an original number 1 volume.

This one was my favorite:

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