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Mother's Day

"Mother's Day" 1980

Directed by: Charles Kaufman
Written by: Charles Kaufman, Warren Leight
Starring: Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce, Frederick Coffin, Michael McCleery, Beatrice Pons

Tagline: I'm so proud of my boys. They never forget their momma.

Rating: 3/10

Plot: Three friends spend a reunion weekend camping in the middle of nowhere. Unbeknownst to them a mother and her two psycho children live nearby and play demented games with passers-by.

Review: Yes, I reviewed the film today due to the holiday. No, the film has nothing to do with the holiday whatsoever.

"Mother's Day" is a film that bridges decades and styles. While the film has its roots in the 1970's sleaze/exploitation genre, the cheese of the 1980s is flowing throughout this production. Think of it as if halfway through "Last House on the Left" you started giggling. Yep, it's uncomfortable and just not very good.

The story is anorexic thin. Friends reunion, crazy family. Hope I didn't lose anyone. Apparently this family routinely kills people......in the middle of nowhere. There is a side-story about "Queenie" which is ridculously executed- but got the biggest laugh out of me in this 100 minute disaster.

The acting is OK given the fact that there isn't much to work with. Frederick Coffin is frightening as "Ike". Beatrice Pons is of particular note- I swear this woman has the biggest nostrils in the history of cinema. Anytime I got bored during the film I could lose myself in these black holes of nostrils. The girls are completely interchangeable.

The gore was a mixed bag. We get a decapitation early on that was very poorly executed- you could see the stop frame from a live person to a dummy. Later on we get stabbings, a hatchet to the testicles, a TV bashing, and more. The exploitation angle with the "games" the sons play was creepy simply for the fact that mom was directing them. They just played it way too comical if this was supposed to be a horror film.

While watching this film, I'm trying to figure out why in the world someone would want to remake the film. True the original could be vastly improved upon but it's been done. Is someone that hard up for ideas that they are going to remake a third rate exploitation movie? That's actually more disappointing than this film.
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I watched it for the first time not to long ago. It was lower than mediocre, I guess. I couldnt tell if it was suppossed to be a wierd comedy, like most TROMA films, or if it was unintentinally funny. The villians werent that good and the victims where very one note.

Why remake it?? Overall Mothers Day is a lower budget Wrong Turn, American Gothic, TCM, Hills Have Eyes, or any other "crazy family in an isolated place" film.
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Mothers Day (1980)

“Why??? Because you’re a sick woman”


With the release of Mothers Day in 1980 Charles Kaufman came into his own. Low budget horror, satire, exploitation is alive and well in this creepy and unusual little opus. From the majority of reviews I have read out there I really feel that this film IS very underrated and a bit misunderstood. I discovered this film back in 1980 it was part of a late night double-bill along with Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Nice segue into Mothers Day. The opening of the film caught me totally off guard, as this sleazy young couple seem as if they’re about to off this poor old woman they meet at a seminar when her car breaks down. Suddenly the tables are turned on the couple as two sick backwoods boys and good old mother kill them off in grisly fashion. Item: while I was enjoying the sick proceedings, in the row just in front of me two couples on a double date get up and walk out; sounds to me like their girlfriends won that argument---pussies.

This film is down right nasty, twisted and sick as it can get. Mothers Day is an amalgam of so many 70’s low budget grinders, which is not a bad thing so despite its budget it’s pretty well done. What I had noticed is there are a lot of things going on that many viewers miss. There is an undertone of the dysfunctional family, controlling and manipulative mothers along with child abuse. Three women are old college roomies as they make their annual secret get-away, unaware that what awaits them in “Deep Barrens” is a weekend from hell. There is a quirky little flashback scene that is a real hoot involving revenge on the typical asshole boyfriend. The actresses are fairly convincing and believable in the roles they play, we actually care about these characters as opposed to many 80’s counterparts of that era. I also feel that this film is also sort of a study in friendship and devotion. Anyway, one night the girls are aducted by Ike (Holden McGuire aka Fred Coffin) and Addley (Billy Ray McQuade aka Michael Mc Cleery), soon the girls are introduced to “Mother”. She is played with sinister glee by Rose Ross aka Beatrice Pons.

Trina, (Tiana Pierce) Jackie (Deb Luce) and Abbey (Nancy Hednrickson) are put through the paces of mother’s sick and perverted games of sadism, rape and torture. Probably one of the most disturbing moments that come to mind is when mother tells Ike to “Get the Kodak”…talk about some sick ass shit! I actually felt sorry for poor Jackie while she is being repeatedly raped by Addley smacking her around like a limp rag doll calling her a bitch, not exactly a scene that is easy to stomach probably because this scene was played out with believability. It is down right unsettling stuff here. The point of mystery sub-plot is tossed in when mother insists that Ike bolts the door good that night exclaiming “Queenie's out there, I just know it.” Followed by a bizarre horror cord. You can see through out the film that the actors seemed to have had a good time making this sick little monkey.

As you can guess,Trina and Abbey escape to find poor Jackie in the boys room stuffed in a drawer (which is like a psycho version of a 10-year-old Childs bedroom.) Jackie (of course) eventually dies later on, that is when the surviving ladies have revenge on their minds. Which they do extract in various ways, Addley gets a claw hammer to the nut-sack and is smothered to death with a sock. Ike gets a T.V. over the noggin and a mouthful of draino.Good old mother meets her demise at the hands of Abbey (whom has some real issues with her own mother).

Personally, I felt that Nancy Hednrickson does a great job as the troubled Abbey. I won’t give away any more here, but for those who have not seen “Mothers Day” yet make it a point to check it out. Because you accept a film like this for what it is. This is one wild ride with a great shock ending! Demented and homicidal B-movie fun for the whole family.

Item: There are many technical goofs in this film that are noteworthy, for example in the flashback boyfriend revenge scene; one moment his socks are on then off as he does bare assed push-ups in the ballpark.

Rating: 8/10

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Wow. I usually am so in line with "the dead one" but I just can't get behind this one. Kudos, though, for the well articulated dissent.
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Originally Posted by PackBacker View Post
Wow. I usually am so in line with "the dead one" but I just can't get behind this one. Kudos, though, for the well articulated dissent.
Thanks PackBacker! Hey, we always can't agree on everything...
Good to hear from you.
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Been 20 years since I've seen this flick, but I remember liking it. I have it on VHS somewhere too. One thing I learned today is... I never realized it was a Kaufman flick! The shit you learn on the internet that doesn't involve pron.
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Mother's Day is a true classic. Someone needs to do a re-release for this film pronto.
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Once again we share the same thoughts LS , i'm in the i liked it crowd also , can't go wrong with this Troma offering .
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I Actually really liked this film to behonest. Thought it was funny as hell.PROBABly 1 of troma's best,iMO. Ive watched this film may times,never stop enjoying it.
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Originally Posted by LordSimen View Post
Mother's Day is a true classic. Someone needs to do a re-release for this film pronto.
I could not agree more!!!
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