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Boogeyman 3

Say you're a typical Hollywood executive. Say you come across an idea for a movie based on the epitome of everyone's childhood fears: the Boogeyman. Say you had all the money in the world at your disposal to bring said film to life. Would you do as common sense suggests and craft a truly unsettling experience that might some day be considered a horror masterpiece? Or would you regurgitate something on the fly in the name of making a quick buck? If you said the latter, you'd be like the makers of Boogeyman 3, the latest in a franchise that could be declared legally blind for how often it overlooks its own potential.

Carrying on a fine tradition of nubile horror leads, Erin Cahill plays Sarah, a college girl who could definitely be classified as damaged goods. In the months following her mother's untimely death, she's had an arduous trek to stability, one that becomes all the more difficult when a classmate hangs herself -- or so it seems. While officially declared a suicide, Sarah was unfortunate enough to see her pal's real killer: the Boogeyman, the nastiest of bedtime stories come to life. At first, Sarah blames her already fragile mental state, but after more friends start to disappear, the possibility that the Boogeyman is real becomes all the more likely. The trouble is that the Boogeyman thrives on rumor and reputation; the more Sarah tries to warn her friends, the stronger the spectre grows. With time running out and the Boogeyman becoming more powerful, it's up to Sarah to put an end to his otherworldy rampage before the entire student body suffers.

I don't want to hate the Boogeyman movies. I really don't. But they make it so hard not to, what with seizing the perfect horror concept and slapping it onto one sub-par picture after another. It hurts especially hard in the case of something like Boogeyman 3, which actually starts out with a pretty good idea. Barring any cinematic antagonists, the Boogeyman is one of the most feared figures in human history. You'd think that a film in which he uses this mythical status to his advantage would be a thought-provoking alternative to just having him rough up a bunch of moronic twentysomethings. But Boogeyman 3 wants to have its B-movie cake and eat it too, often sidestepping its ambitious themes in favor of some good old-fashioned gratuitous violence (along with its partner in crime, T&A). This is all well and good, until you realize that the film has neither the drive nor the resources to muster anything more than the bare minimum of effort.

Simply put, the filmmakers didn't even try to make something the slightest bit frightening. All they saw was their chance to beat a barely functioning franchise and see if they could invoke some sign of life. The noise that erupts from Boogeyman 3 is that of a rather disheartening gurgle, one indicating that the studio hasn't finished with this dead horse quite yet. Being a straight-to-DVD release, I didn't expect pristine production values out, but I did foolishly hope for a film that didn't look like a blood-spattered Lifetime Original Movie. The flick's entire look is incredibly flat and devoid of atmosphere; director Gary Jones just sort of flickers the lights on and off whenever supernatural shenanigans are afoot. The acting is bearable enough, but don't expect to be rooting for them to make it through the many predictable and weakly-staged scares. But nothing compares to the sheer awfulness of the Boogeyman himself, who looks like a malnourished caveman more than the ghost to end all ghosts. From his constant growling (which sounds more like he's belching up the Taco Bell he just ate) to a scene in which his face is outlined by bong smoke, let's just say that the edge of your seat is the last place you'll be when the Boogeyman is around.

Boogeyman 2 wasn't a fantastic film either, but it at least tried to take the series in a more interesting direction. Boogeyman 3, on the other hand, brings the franchise right back to square one, which in this case means remaining content with churning out the most mediocre of modern ghost stories. I hold out hope that these movies will learn the errors of their ways and come up with something cool, but the fact that any potential sequels will probably turn out like this one is the scariest nightmare of all.

MY RATING: * 1/2 (out of ****)
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I couldn't even finish this one, had to turn it off after the bong death. I can put up with a lot of garbage but this was just too much. This series is terrible and completely sloppy. If I had to choose one, I'd prolly go with the 2nd one, even though it's bad, it's at least entertaining
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I thought it was decent. Far better than the original but not as good as the second (which I really liked). Could've been better but not bad for what it was.
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