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The Long Goodbye

Anybody interested in discussing Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye (1973)?
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Good movie
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Just saw it for the first time not too long ago. Was really good. Found it interesting they mentioned governor Reagan in it with a future governor actually in it before he even became a star. That scene alone with Arnold near the end makes the whole movie. It practically comes out of nowhere and is kinda disturbingly hilarious. Great ending too. Currently #702 on my top 1,000.
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It's my favorite Altman film.

It makes me weep to think that we don't have awesome tough guy actors like Elliott Gould in those kinds of movies these days.

I'm also thinking of Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen, Burt Lancaster, Charles Bronson, among others.

These boyish actors we have to settle for these days just don't hold a candle to the greats I mentioned above.

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Elliot Gould is pimp. I like how it's the same music through the whole thing, just variations on it. Not being a comedy, I was surprised at how funny it was at times - not necessarily the lines but Gould's delivery is what I think made it so good. Class. I need to rewatch this one again.
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Here's the scene and Mark Rydell was great in this. Earlier in his first scene he bashes his gf in the face with a coke bottle just to prove a point that he can. lol

btw sort of reminds me of how that one woman in LA Confidential (another neo-noir) looked after getting a nose job.
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I'll quote myself, from the Overlooked '70's Movies thread:

Originally Posted by Buck Turgidson View Post
Somewhat controversial at the time, with self styled "experts" on Film Noir angry at Altman's tweaking of the character. The irony being that the great Leigh Brackett, (who co-wrote the script for the Hawks version of The Big Sleep, as well as more ballsy hard boiled detective fiction than any of those assholes could absorb in a lifetime), was the script writer and the ending is nastier and tougher than Chandler's novel.
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I'm just curious if anyone who says they enjoyed the movie is familiar with the book at all?

I read the book before I saw the movie and although the movie is neat because of the way it differs from traditional detective films, I thought the book was much better.
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There has never been an adaptation of any of Chandler's novels that is as good as the book. Not a one.

There have been some fine adaptations (this film; the Hawks version of The Big Sleep; the '68 film Marlowe, with James Garner [which was a version of Chandler's The Little Sister...that title even appears in the end credits because it was the original name of the movie]; the Mitchum remake of The Big Sleep and the Mitchum version of Farewell, My Lovely) but they are all going to play second fiddle to what Chandler did on the page.
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The Long Goodbye

Mark Rydell rocked his part in the movie. You always need a good bad guy in a film like this. He reminded me a lot of Little Nicky Scarfo, the Philly mob boss back in '80s.

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I'm interested in knowing if you ever had a chance to read Poodle Springs? I liked it. As far as being Chandler-esque, I'd put it up there with something as good as Playback.
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I haven't read that but the adaptation that was made with James Caan and Dina Meyer is worth watching.
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Originally Posted by andrewmicky View Post
the long goodbye
I agree.
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