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Taken (2008)

"If you are going to see ONE action movie this year..." Yeah everyone has their own tastes as to what the best of the best is was and will be - but take my advice; SEE THIS MOVIE! The action is pretty much non-stop, the bad guys get the hell kicked out of them - quite literally - and Liam Neeson gives John McCain and John J. Rambo an adrenalin-sparked, thriller-induced run for their money... Very sceptical when I watched because the last thing I saw Mr. Neeson in was Kingdom of Heaven and let's be honest, not the Greatest thing to come out of a movie studio... and Famke Janssen is just... well AWESOME! My humble opinion of course :-)

Seriously, why are you still reading this?? GO SEE THE MOVIE!!

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Stop spamming your star trek dvd sets. This is a thread about Taken

I've seen Taken twice and I really enjoyed it. A sequel is pretty much confirmed.
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