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Look (2007)

Being the huge fan of Detroit Rock City that I am, I have been anxiously awaiting something new from writer/director Adam Rifkin for quite some time.

Look has a very creative and exciting premise. If you don't know by now, the entire film is captured from the perspective of security cameras. Police dashboard cams, atm cameras, parking lot cameras, and even a few scenes caught on camera phones. The entire idea is candid photography and the fact that there's always someone watching us in this technologically obsessed era we live in. Also, that we all have secrets.

The acting is just good enough to keep the cheap look of this film from looking amateur. Rifkin knows what he's doing and had the performances been less convincing, this would have looked more like a high school senior project than a major motion picture.

Another great way that this picture stays out of the "gimmick" category and resists crutching on the entire candid idea is the outstanding script. The dialogue and events taking place are real enough to keep the audience believing but exciting and scandalous enough to keep us entertained.

I'd say the one major flaw with this film is that the project almost seemed to grow too big for the filmmaker's abilities. Near the end of the film we find our entire cast of characters at crucial and defining moments but rather than develop these characters and their stories further, we get a "gotcha" ending that leaves us with all kinds of loose ends.

None the less, it was still a very good film despite its potential to be something great.


Anyone else seen this yet?
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