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Funniest Thing I Saw Today

The funniest thing I saw today was a co worker decided to make a cup of coffee in that one cup at a time coffee maker. He must be some sort of moron, because the dude could not figure out how to work the machine. It was like watching a monkey. After he figures it out and gets his cup of coffee that took about 10 minutes to make, he promptly walks out of the room and trips over a wire on the floor and spills the whole cup over himself and the floor. Then he goes to the restroom to clean up and goes back for another cup of coffee. He makes the cup much faster this time and decides to drink it in the lunch room. I am sitting in the lunch room and he gives me the most pathetic thumbs up, as if to say, "See, I got my coffee now."

I really did my best not to laugh in his face during this whole scene until the thumbs up. He was so sad and pathetic, I could not help, but laugh in his face. It was a slow day.
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People who don't know how to make coffee = win. I say win because it always brings me amusement. Is he not normally a coffee drinker or does he depend on Starbucks/Tullys/whatever for it?
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I don't know. He works in MIS and those people are social rejects. I try not to talk to them if I don't have to. I usually just see them at the holiday party and they all sit together. I think they are like a cult. It is rare that they even go to the lunch room. I hang out with the customer service or accounting chicks. Being nice to them makes my job easier to do.
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Fuck coffee. I much prefer soda or a red bull. Drinking coffee is like drinking ex lax.
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I had to cut down a little because I was turning into my namesake. No, I wasn't seeing underpants gnomes but I was sufficiently jittery.
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