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The Ipod/Zune/MP3 Player Thread

Ask questions, brag, shoot the shit, troubleshoot all about MP3 players.

I have a 160gig Ipod Classic with about 55 gigs of music, another 6 gigs of video and a gig of photos. Looking to add TONS of more music.
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I have an 80 gig classic with about 23 gigs of music and the rest filled with movies and tv shows.
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I have the iPod classic, but come August 9th I have been promised an iPod Touch for my birthday - fuck knows why; perhaps because my new dog won't be old enough to collect yet.

I also have an old Nano, but my missus uses that for jogging and heceforth it has been tainted by Laura Branigan songs.
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I have a iPod Nano, iPhone and 1st-generation Zune. I think the Zune device itself is big and clunky its software is terrible it takes one hour to sync a movie. I'm definitely a iPod person.
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I have a 16gb iPod Touch. It does the job nicely. I like it a lot. But I LOVED my Zune (before it was stolen that is). And seeing as how my iTouch is currently scratched all to hell because of some sand getting in my pocket, I may be getting that Zune HD when it comes out.
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I had a 4 gig 2nd generation iPod Nano, but after it accidentally went through the washing machine, I upgraded to a 4th generation 16 gig Nano. I love my new Nano, but one thing I hate about it is that its batterly life really sucks, especially if I play any video on it.

It seems like the old 4 gig lasted longer between charges.
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That's what I love about my Classic. Battery life goes on forever. I left it playing over the weekend once when I left town. It was still playing with roughly about 1/4th life left.
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80 GB Ipod 4th gen i believe it is with 68 GB of music I really need an external drive soon.
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I got a 30gb white iPod video, pretty soon after they came out with the 80gb Classic for the same price, which sucks cuz I constantly have to remove stuff to make room for more.

I've got 4,363 songs and 19 episodes of tv shows.
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4GB Zune player that does exactly what I want.
Saved $200 on an overpriced MP3 player with a shitty battery (ie. iPods)
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I have 80 gig Ipod, and a Iphone that holds 8 gigs. I use the ipod as a back up though.
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I have an 80GB 2nd gen. Zune that I adore. I've had it about a year and a half and have only used up 15 GB..I'll probably have it forever.
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I have (2) 120GB Zunes with 40+GB of music and various TV shows I watch while doing (attempting) cardio. Love it.

Also have an iPhone, but even after over 3 years of using iTunes, I still have a hell of a time navigating around that program. It makes my pulse rise some times. I actually love the Zune program. First time I actually like something by Microsuck.
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Did anyone else name their ipod something stupid initially, thinking they could come back to it later, only to find you're stuck with what you got?
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Got a 30 gig Classic that I received for my birthday after a similar model was stolen from my bookbag about 2 years ago. I need to replace it because it's been beaten up to the point where I can't hear out of the right side of my headphones unless it mess around with it.

Looking to upgrade to a 16 gig Touch.
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Old 07-12-2009, 05:35 PM
i have the 120 GB Classic Ipod which i never leave the house with out

i did have the 8GB Ipod nano but i filled that within a month so got the classic and my dad got the old one lol

and i've got

20 GB of music
5 GB of tv shows
movies i don't know cuz i've only got 2 films and a handfull of trailers on the ipod

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