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Not into the blogging yet but a couple to follow:



The Count

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It redirects to magjournal.net, which was the original name. Sadly I haven't updated it in about two weeks because I was suffering some major writer's block, and then recently I got into a car accident and have been in kind of a depressive slump since then.
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This is rather pointless since it's all in German (and methinks there are maybe only a couple of deutsche schmoes here) but hey, feel free to stop reading from here.

I have been into blogging since 2005, more or less regularly. Well, rather less. There were times when I was so into my wee blog I actually wrote an article every other day. And then there were lengthy periods during which I wrote only 2 or 3 articles per year.

My blog is called "Bahnhofskino" (which is German for grindhouse theatre (mind you, I chose that name a couple of years BEFORE the Rodriguez/Taranatino movie was released) and you can find it here. My main focus is on genre cinema, i.e. rather obscure stuff like spaghetti westerns and gialli, European horror films, sleazy and trashy action/exploitation flicks and also obscure arthouse movies. I try to review one or two movies every month but most of my posts are just me rambling and ranting about the sorry state of genre cinema these days

If you want to follow me, you can do this @ www.facebook.com/bahnhofskino. And if in fact there ARE some german schmoes out there, I'd be very flattered if you check out my podcast in the iTunes store and send your feedback to

Thanks for your attention. I actually feel kinda overwhelmed by some of the great blogs and podcasts I've discovered here, most of which are WAY better and more ambitious than everything I ve tried so far. Keep up the great work, fellow schmoesians!
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Wow, it looks like it's been a year since someone last posted here...

Anyhow, I resurrected this thread to share a blog I'm working on with everyone here. Normally, I write in Spanish, but I switched to English with this one, in part so I'd keep up the habit of writing in a different language.


I just started this a couple of days ago, and the whole goal is to highlight Latin American genre films: horror, thriller, action, experimental, you name it. Just to give these films a bit of a showcase and make them known to foreign audiences.

Hopefully further down the line I'll be doing interviews and whatnot, for now it's just meant to be occasional news and reviews. Any feedback is welcome, as well as suggestions on how to improve it (and maybe with a bit of luck, in the future it'll switch from a blog to a full-on website).

And yes, the name sucks, but it's never been my forte...
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If you consider tumblr a blog, then I have one.

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