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Almost Human

Plot:In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve.

Tonight is the second half of the premiere. For the first time in YEARS, I've decided to attempt to latch on to a big Network series. I'm actually about to start working on a crime drama TV spec, so I'm going to wrap myself up in the mass audience dramas, or at least try to.

I have to say, I now remember why I usually avoid these stations. Despite my love for Karl Urban, everything in the initial pilot, I've seen a dozen times before. It simply has an A.I. factor infused into it. I never understood dialogue writing in shows like this: even in the most intense, adrenaline-pumping action scenes, every god damn response to a question is a cliche or wise crack. It infuriates me.

Also, every nighttime scene is a BLATANT rip off of Blade Runner down to the primary advertising language being Asian, and important scenes between the two main characters happening at a noodle stand in a neon-drenched futuristic alley.

Will probably end up sticking with my AMC, and HBO when all is said and done.
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He's probably a Replicant, er, sorry; an android. The gist is that he survived an explosion that killed everyone else in the vicinity, and that he was in a coma for 17 months. He lost a leg, had a synthetic attached, and it acts up on him. He also has no memory.

Of course, he starts off hating the droids and everything they're about but is paired one with a "soul" and he slowly starts to see them as more than just a robot. He starts to empathize.

Yeah, this whole thing is just a Blade Runner rip-off.
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You guys mention Blade Runner, but for me, while watching the pilot yesterday, I couldn't help but feel like it was a total ripoff of I, Robot.

It was still entertaining though.
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I definitely got some I, Robot.

I must say though, minus a very awful Transformer-esque dialogue exchange in Act 2, the second episode was a noticeable step up in overall quality and a very entertaining episode.
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Great Show

This is one of the first non-comedy show's I've actually kept up with on network TV.
The "shootouts" at the end of every episode are pretty standard and uninteresting until the android saves the day somehow but the actual show is very funny and interesting.
Every episode usually shows a new futuristic piece of technology I've never thought of before, the two main character's have great chemistry, an the situations they are put in are very unique and usually futuristic.
When's the last time you saw women having their skin harvested, or someone drugged and put on youtube with a bomb strapped to them?
The comedy is good too, Urban stabbing himself in the leg to entertain some kids was hilarious and the android measuring Urban's ball temperature as a diagnostic was both funny and disturbing in a way I hadn't ever experienced before.
If they could diversify the action shoot-outs that almost always occur at the end of the episode then I wouldn't be able to find any flaws with it.
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