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Question about The Ninth Gate...

OK, please tell me, was the blonde just one of Satan's minions, or was she Lucifer herself?

I thought NINTH GATE was an excellent movie in every way - I just wasn't convinced as to what the woman's role was. I mean, she had "powers", but to what definition - I'm not entirely sure...

If you've not seen this move - DO! And worry not, I've not spoiled anything with this question, but maybe the answer will - please e-mail me at coopthescoop@hotmail.com if you like.

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I have no idea who she was. I don't know if the original book gives answers to that. I think she is either a very old witch or a demon. I don't think she is Lucifer, because if Lucifer was there all the time, it wouldn't make much sense to try to summon him/her...

I think she was either working for Lucifer or simply knew a lot more about Lucifer's ways than anyone else in the film. I think she thought that Depp's character was the best choice to open the gate, and that's why she helped him. She probably thought that Depp would make a good minion for Lucifer...

...By the way, I loved the film. It was definitely one of the best films of last year.

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We have this discussion going on as well.. I thought the movie sucked because I didn't understand the ending but... If you've read anything about the Book of Revelations, she is the prostitute on the scarlet beast. She was sent to tempt men into drinking the blood of the saints"but a time will come when the beast will turn on the prostitute, and strip off her cloths and leave her naked. At that point they will eat her flesh and burn the remains in the fire." So i am thinking that him opening the 9th gate is the begining of Armaggedon. But I don't know if thats right or not.
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I think the girl was the devils "helper". She was the chosen one (like in End of Days). She was the one who opened the gates to hell. I mean, Depp´s character, Corso, had sex with her, and then the devil could come up to rule the world or something... Well, anyway, that´s just MHO...
Like Tuukka I think this is one of the best last year.Slow, but so interesting...
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I like the fact that many things in the film remained a mystery. Many films are ruined in the end because they end up giving us a dull explanation to a fascinating mystery. With Ninth Gate we can have very different ideas what it was all about.

Does anyone remember the TV series called "Millenium". That was a good example: Episodes always started with a fascinating mystery, but delivered a crap, dull ending where everything was explained.

There are only few "mystery movies" that explain it all and still manage to deliver in the end. I think Seven, Usual suspects and Sixth Sense are good examples.

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I don't know if you know by now but she is lucifer! It says in the book and at the very end of the dvd commentaries Roman Polanski says the same thing. Hope this helped.

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She's Lucifer.

Corso is not a good man. The first time I saw it, though, I figured since it was Johnny Depp he was the guy to root for. Great casting choice! I should have opened my eyes the first time I watched it in the opening scene. He's ripping off that wheelchair-bound dude for everything he can get. For the rest of the movie, this is Corso's agenda.
Corso wants power, and he knows he can GET power by opening the ninth gate. Which is the beginning of the end of humankind.

The ninth gate may be symbolic more than literal. It could be a visual representation of the several steps Corso went through to begin armageddon.
If it's not a metaphor, then I would say it is the gate to Hell and he's invited into the family.
He had sex with the Devil and he will be the father of the anti-christ.

That's how I see it. But I haven't watched the movie in several years (about time to do it again) and perhaps my perspective would change this time around.
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She the devil. In the book, The Club Dumas, she gives a great speech about the devil ruling an empty kingdom on an empty throne - all because he wanted CHOICE. Its definitely the most sympathetic offering on the devil I've read.
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The devil a least in the bible and... I think here too is different then Lucifer. Remember how the book is written by Lucifer but Coso and Balken talk about summoning the Devil? And the castle is where the Carthers woshiped Lucifer so i think that's why the woman on the dragon is in front of the castle. Also Back then Lucifer was a god or goddess and so was the Devil. In fact the word Devil comes from "Deva" and is feminine. Luifer is light and the Devil is fire! Anyway if you watch it thinking that Lucifer or the Devil is the god who is ruling Corso and Balkin you see that Balkin gets the devil and fire while Corso wins the light of Lucifer and just maye Lucifer was lookingfora husband!

On a side note this is my most favorite movie of all time! Polanski pulled off a Masterpiece! I mean...it took me 12 times watching it and about 12 hours of studying websites until I could grasp the depth level on this thing!
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Oh wow knowing that she's Lucifer I need to go back and re-visit this film. I watched it a couple of years, great movie!
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Another thing I liked is that at first you think she's a protecting angel, making sure "the good guy" wins.

But no... interpreting her as the devil - and realizing Corso is not a good guy - shows that she's keeping him safe and helping him along... so that he unlocks the gates of Hell. So funny.
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I read wrong... in the book she fought alongside lucifer sorry bout the mixup
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