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How's everyone celebrating New Year's tonight?

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting 2009 in a crowd of thousands of people in Times Square, I planned for the end of the decade too, but it didn't work out so I'm going to be celebrating it at home with 20+ other people.

How are you doing it ? And since I started with the topic...how DID you last year? Anybody ever done the Times Square way? fun isn't it? even in the cold

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Lucky! I always wanted to celebrate in Times Square. In fact, I was in New York last year but unfortunately nobody I knew wanted to brave out the chaos with me. Instead, I spent New Year's with my boyfriend's family. And he's Dominican, so it was quite the festivity, lol. I'm talking about dancing, random stray cats entering the house, LOTS of drinking and a lot of crying when the clock struck midnight. It was quite emotional.

This year I will be heading to another party. I was going to just stay home and perhaps bake or something, but we found out our psycho roommate from Texas was not invited to any festivities by our friends (for being psycho) so we will be making our rounds out tonight. In fact, I have lots of planning to do outfit and hair wise, so off I go.

Suck it, 2009, and Happy New Year's everyone!
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LAST YEAR: Dinner at a fancy retaurant where the food was overpriced but okay.

THIS YEAR: My wife cooked lasagna (she's a fabulous cook) and we're ringing in the New Year in the safety of our own home.
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Tonight, I'm working. But I work at a bar so it should be good money and good times. I'll then be joining some other friends who will hopefully still be partying, and cruise the rest of the day watching the Bowl Games.

Last year, I went to a get together that got pretty wild. I twisted my ankle, and still walked 2KM home. I also found my friend's van in the middle of the street. He ditched after he thought he saw the cops, and ran to a friend's house nearby. When I went to see if he was in the van, I ended up finding another friend passed out.
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Going out for a sushi dinner, then getting drunk at my friends place while playing board games. We've done it for the last 5 years, and we're sticking with tradition
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dislike new year, and make it a tradition to stay in and don't do jack. friend came round and watched universal soldier regeneration. yup! lame
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It's been 2010 here for coming up to half an hour. I'm nursing a Stella and watching Jools fucking Holland and his annual 'Hootenanny'...he's such a balding penguin pervert. Florence & The Machine on now...need more Stella to enjoy this. Dizzee Rascal and her from The Noisettes were alright though.

Party hardy.
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Alone, I like watching Dick Clarks Rocking New Years and thatll probably be it.
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I was gonna have some people over my spot, but it was really just a coup to get this one girl to come over, but since she can't make it, I'm prob gonna head to a friend's. Got a quarter of erb, a giant bottle of Jose Cuervo, and a 5th of Captain Morgan's.

Happy-fuckin-New Year, folks...

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Last year I was at a Punk Rock bar called Delilahs in Chicago, pounding back vodka/sodas and having fun with friends.

This year no one is doing shit, or the ones that are now live far away, and I am at home in my room where I live with my parents, alone.

Funny how much things can change in a year.
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I just got in from my new years celebrations, so excuse the grammar

My night was cut short due to me running out of moneyz. I'm not too annoyed, I welcomed the new year with a really cool bunch of peeps.

I'm hammered atm, I'm trying my best to keep my post readable for you guy. It was a great night for me, met alot of new people that are really cool. Also getting to know my friends boyfriend more, he is a really nice guy.

I wish everyone good health in 2010, and good luck in your endeavours.

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Originally Posted by Smiert Spionam View Post
Goot a quarter of erb
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at home for me. Happy New Year
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Being forced to see people i loathe! Happy New Year fellow schmoes!
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Fuck New Years. Just becasue you want to jump around and be an idiot doesnt mean I want to. And then you make ME out to be the bad guy. Fuck off.
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Spent it drinking with friends. We celebrated by watching The Room.
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got wasted on beer and whiskey and shot off fireworks.
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just watched movies
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Went to a party and enjoyed myself with people. Beer and weed came and went through a revolving door served by a Japanese man named Mino. Nice guy.

2010 is the year to become unstuck in time.
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Went to a party, drank, danced, shouted at midnight, the usual.
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Ended up at a friend's, only 5 of us. We had some beer, did some shots, smoked mad blunts, and after playing Assassin's Creed II for a couple hours, we brought in the New Year watching In Bruges and laughing our asses off. All in all, I wished all my original plans would have come through, but I still definitely had a good night.
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I was in Times Square. My friend knew some people that have an apartment right by where the ball drops, so I was lucky enough to be on a balcony over looking everything. One of the best experiences of my life.
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Had a great time.

German beer + chronic + Three Stooges marathon on AMC= hilarious times.
Then went to this club with a group of friends and surprisingly didnt spend a lot of money which was nice. One of my buddies kept buying rounds of shots so that was nice of him!

Happy New Year you unclefuckers!
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