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The Innkeepers, a.k.a. House of the Devil II

Horror helmer Ti West (The Roost) is prepping The Innkeepers, about the last two staffers of a haunted hotel that's going out of business. West said he intends for Innkeepers to be "a truly terrifying" follow-up to his 2009 pic The House of the Devil. Lensing is set to commence in Connecticut this spring. MPI Media Group's Dark Sky Films will finance and produce along with Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix. Derek Curl, Fessenden and Peter Phok produce.

I still haven't seen the original (comes out on DVD this next Tuesaday), but if the first film is as good as some say it is this could be a promising project.
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Follow up doesn't necessarily mean sequel but either way I'm excited, House of the Devil kicked all kinds of ass.
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That's actually an interesting point and it makes me wonder: when is the term "sequel" innappriate? With The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly? The Color of Money? Return to Oz? Ripley's Game?
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follow up just means West's next film. The Innkeepers doesn't sound like a sequel, but hopefully it has a similar feel to House of the Devil, because it was my favorite horror film of 09.
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Looks like this will finally be released on DVD very soon.

The trailer's been out for some time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xue2Q7QBmRA

I think it looks like it could a fun movie. I might go see it this soon as it's playing at a small local theater. I liked the House of the Devil. Didn't love it, but it was a good film. I'm hoping Ti West delivers a slow burn ghost film. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Anybody still interested in this?
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It's on video ondemand if you cable provider has on demand service. It's quite good, Ti is really coming into his own with the genre. I like how he is showing his skill in all the sub-genre's of horror (so far).
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Sadly, I don't have cable, but I'd like to see it on the big screen anyway. I haven't seen a horror film in a theater in quite some time.
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I'm watching this (hopefully) tonight, and I've got some pretty decent expectations. I enjoyed The House of the Devil, even if it was a very slow-burn flick. West's attention to detail and style is to die for.

EDIT: Got done watching the film and it floored me! This is why I started watching Horror films in the first place! I haven't been scared by a ghost film in so long , nor have I jumped as many times as I have in this...ever, so at was very refreshing to see a film achieve the title of a "scary picture." It really reinvigorated me to hunt out many more good Horror films, something I have been all-but burnt out in. Here were my initial thoughts of the film, courtesy of my Facebook:

The Innkeepers was by far the best Horror film of 2,011. Nobody does atmosphere like T.I. West, and when the moments get tense they're tenser than the violin strings used to record the film's score. He presents archetypal motifs in a fashion which impresses the audience as if they have never seen or heard of such a thing as a "ghost story" before. One can't help but to fall in love with Sarah Paxton, especially since she wears the same blue hoodie as I do (SO CUTE!!! lol). After this and House of the Devil, I can't wait to see what West has in store for us next; and yes, I would call him one of the next masters of Horror.

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I finally saw it. I thought it was a fun horror movie. It wasn't particularly scary for me, but it was entertaining from beginning to end. I like the loose structure of the film. It had a great "hanging out" vibe that you don't often find in horror films anymore. It was also nice to have the film grounded by two likable oddball characters. All in all, it was a solid, fun horror movie. And yes, Sarah Paxton was a lovable goofy lead. Pat Healy was also pretty good as the sarcastic Luke.
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GREAT movie. Great performances and atmosphere. Not a sequel.
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this really is 'technically' considered a sequel to HOTD?? as in, not just his next movie?
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Saw it over the weekend. I thought it was ok. Not as good as "House of the Devil", and definitely not a sequel, or prequel, or anything of the sort. The characters got boring, the side story with the washed up actress turned psychic was bland, and really seemed like it was there to push the story in the direction it wanted to go, but Ti West couldn't find a better (more creative) way to do it. All the shocking parts of the film are in the trailer, which was a bummer, because this film had every opportunity to capitalize on its setting and plot, but it just....didn't. Take for instance the scene in the basement which went....nowhere. Just like everything else in the film.

I understand the film was a slow burn, but come on, that's a cop out! There is no payoff! There was lots of talk about how you could cut the atmostphere with a kitana, but sadly, the atmosphere wasn't THAT strong. In fact the atmosphere was marred by all the humor attempts, the lack of things that happen in the atmosphere (we get a piano, a bed and dank basement full of nothing that we get to see). In a slow burner, the tension generally ratchets up as the film goes, however this just wasn't the case with the Innkeepers. The film treaded a little too lightly with it's plodding pace and character development, and in doing so didn't get the chance to capitalize on the tale it tried to tell.

Come on Ti, show us what you have already! You pulled the slow burn, with a nice payoff in the "House of the Devil" and you put the pedal to the metal with "Cabin Fever 2". You needed (and we expected) a homer with the Innkeepers, but you laid a grounder to left field.


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I wouldn't mind checking this one out. I thought House of the Devil was pretty cool, although it was just a little too slow. Still, it was good enough to get me at least a little curious about his follow up film.
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Originally Posted by teenkiller View Post
I wouldn't mind checking this one out. I thought House of the Devil was pretty cool, although it was just a little too slow. Still, it was good enough to get me at least a little curious about his follow up film.
Personally, I think that this film is better!
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