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Target To Demote 8 Thouands Full-Time Works To Part-Time

Oh delight.

They must've hired the brain trust from Circuit City. That ended so well.

The only thing I can think of is that the part of their gray matter that retains long term memory is weak or non-existant. Or it's full of wishful thinking and pixey dust; the white addictive kind.

If you've been keeping up with the weekly ads, you may have noticed that their sales have been very crappy these past few weeks. I wonder if this is related.

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Target Employee Says 8K Full Timers Will Be Part-Time

by Phil Villarreal

A Target manager named Michael says he was told he was one of 8,000 full-time specialists and team leaders who would be demoted to part-time. Understandably bitter, he says Target is cutting cost at the probable expense of customer service.

He writes: "Target has just eliminated the Specialist and Team Lead positions at its stores. Basically the departments are no longer going to be run by competent people anymore, just whoever can get the job done the cheapest. This means downgrading 8,000 full time employees to part-time status. I was informed of that today I was one of those people.

The people they are letting go are the top performers and have been there the longest. We are the only people who know where things are.

We were never paid by commission or for sales.

Here's some information from the e-mail that they sent to various Store Managers...

I just got off the phone with our ETL-HL. I requested off today so I missed the meeting. Interestingly enough our STL didn't tell ANYONE (be they exec or anyone else) in the store about these changes until today. So ETL-HL gave me a call to let me know what I missed.

Pretty much just said specialist titles are gone and core roles of some front end team members are changing. We are losing 1 more TL.

Interesting little detail was that our ETL-HR apparently got an email (which was sent out company wide) with some guidelines HR needs to follow for the next few months.

Basically all current specialists are to be told that they will continue to perform as they have been. They will continue to be scheduled 40 hours.

It directed HR to hire at least 1-2 more team members for every area which will be trained to perform the core roles of current specialists. (so for example - each store should have 2 or 3 TMs trained in handling MMB roles, electronics, shoes, etc)

Apparently the email went on to say that HR will receive another email within 3-4 months directing stores to reduce current specialist hours to below 32 hours a week. Reason being the company wants to get all the current specs in the company OFF the full time benefits plans to reduce cost. (i.e. health insurance, etc)

Once that happens the extra team members that have been trained are supposed to be scheduled along with the current specs to fulfill the needs of the departments. So basically current specialists will become part time and will "share" the department with other trained TMs.

Even though the email said it was just to get them off the full time benefits.... My personal opinion is that this sounds like a plan to get replacement team members in place, then piss off all the current specs (making much higher wages) enough to quit.... thus a bunch of current specs will be replaced all around the company with part time entry level pay."
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Sorry to hear but this should be in another thread, not DVD, Blu-Ray & Home Theater Discussion.
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The reason I posted here is that it could very well be the first line of a string.

If Target is maneuvering this downsize to maximize profits, than it stands to reason this will connect to store exclusives; DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Looking at the number of sale items posted in their weekly ad, it's very obvious something is... off. These past few weeks have been more than poor. Where are the deals?

As I wrote, this could be the first line of a string.

Oh well.

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The unemployment crisis wouldn't be so severe right now if more-than-capable corporations like Target would quit being so goddamn cheap and stop doing this fucking shit.

*waits for free-market Wall Street-reading colleagues to rebuttal with "BUT...BUT... DUDE....CAPITALISM AND....AND....SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!1"
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hey John...

i think i am going to move this to the misc forum, as this doesn't directly deal with dvd or blu rays. I hope that's cool!

in terms of the topic:

Target is a company i had enjoyed, i would always shop there over shopping at wal mart (for Misc shit) or best buy (for media)... this move, is in the vein of Circuit City and is real shitty of them. I doubt Target will meet the same fate as CC, but to demote employees like that is shitty, and im sure their execs are much like all the other execs with multi million bonuses and shit, yet the ppl that need the jobs to scrape by get fucked. Its retail, retail is evil... retail is very very evil.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Capitalism. BoxManShoes, I had to do it.

This is how corporations work. They do not care about you. They want your money, and could care less if you quit. If you quit, they have hundreds of applicants ready to take your position, no lie.

This is why I go to smaller shops for most of my stuff. They treat their employees with respect, and usually they are family owned.

Also, consider that more people are moving to buying products online, and these cuts make sense. There really is no point in full-time jobs in these sectors. Like the article mentions, these companies will hire anybody off the street. Do you think they care how much their employees know about the products they sell? They do not. Ever walk into Wal-Mart and ask about the products they sell in their departments? I have, and 9 times out of 10, the workers are clueless.

It is about cheap labor doing unskilled work. Welcome to the wonderful world of big business. Amazing isn't it, how we push to get rid of small business because of how much "better" big business is? Oh how big business is doing wonders for this country.

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Ahh, shitty news indeed, especially for us twin city folk.
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If Target workers are unhappy, they could always consider going union. Oh wait, unions are bad because they would force Target to keep these workers full-time, and give them benefits. Can't have that because unions are corrupt, unlike the employers you all work for, who will get rid of you at any chance they can get.
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