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Musicals you've seen

What are some musicals that you have seen and loved? I've seen Aida, Guys and Dolls, Rent, Wicked (with the original cast), Sweeney Todd, Urinetown, and Avenue Q. Out of all these Rent is probably my favorite because it showed that rock music could be incorporated into broadway, and it does have a really powerful ending and message "No Day But Today".
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I've seen several small productions of the Rocky Horror Show. Depending on how you do it, it can be very funny, or very boring.

Does the Trans-Siberian Orchestra count? I saw them about a year ago. Some parts were cool, like how they made it "snow" inside the arena, but the main "story" part of the show was pretty dull. The second half, where they just played music, was much more fun.

Saw Cabaret and thought it was okay. The two leads were pretty weak, so it really sucked any life there was out of the show.

Was going to see Chicago at an outdoor theater, but it got rained out (thank god. I hated the movie).

Saw The Wedding Singer at an outdoor theater as well. I thought it was pretty bland. There were way too many obvious 80s jokes, but the original songs sounded nothing like 80s music.

I guess I'm pretty hard to please, but, then again, I'm not much of a fan.

Not a musical, but I think the best play I've seen was Desdemona: A Play About a Hankerchief that was put on at KU while I was there. It was creative, hilarious, and very well acted.
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While in NY I saw Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Cats (blech), and Phantom of the Opera.

I also saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (twice), Phantom again, Rent, Jekyll & Hyde, A Chorus Line, The Secret Garden, City of Angels, Rocky Horror Picture Show many times - either in theater or stage productions.
Lots of others, too, but I can't think of them. Most of the other stuff isn't really all that professional, either. The above-mentioned are mostly "higher-class" stuff, whereas I've seen many many college plays/musicals and stuff like that.
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Professional shows: none.

Community/college shows: plenty.

I saw "Rocky Horror" at where I'd eventually go to school, and it was a really great show; the guy playing Frank went all-out (and it's not a part you can get away with half-assing). I was actually a part of "State Fair" earlier in college and ended up ushering for "Guys and Dolls" about a year after that.

This August, I'm also going to be in "Curtains," which will be my biggest role in a musical yet. I haven't gotten the script and aren't that familiar with the show, so I'm not sure my character sings all that much (I'm hoping not, since I've had veeeeeery little experience singing).
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The last musical/play I went to was a community production of Paint Your Wagon when I was 16. I need to fix that!
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Only one live Dec. 1996 I saw at The Bryce Jordan Center Penn State University- (technically a Rock Opera) "Jesus Christ Superstar" ""Resurrection Tour" '95-'96 w/ original lead Actor (from 1972 film)Ted Neeley as Jesus -fabulous! + saw on t.v. back in 1982? "Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" I think it was it's first run ever on stage? Not really sure? but was on PBS back then-very cool-The big screen production by Tim Burton for me was the ultimate musical experience made for the sliver screen.

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How was the Sweeney Todd musical? I loved that movie but never saw the show.
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I've seen Spamalot and the Evil Dead Musical...both were hilarious!
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I've seen Cats and Wizard of Oz and almost got tickets to go see The Toxic Avenger
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Originally Posted by Shinigami View Post
How was the Sweeney Todd musical? I loved that movie but never saw the show.
They did everything (pretty much) as U saw in the feature film-sang their lines etc-the barbers chair (of death) worked the same too-slit their throats then tramped on a lever down thru the stage they went! It was a really cool play-I saw too on film at the Theater in 1980 Popeye w/ Robin Williams which of course was a musical.,very cool one at that.
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Mamma I Want To Sing.
Two hours worth of musical.
Not a very good musical.
Saw it in high school so the tickets were free.

Beauty and the Beast with Toni Braxton.
Took my wife, she absolutely loved it. Got an autographed picture of her too. It was pretty well done.
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Phantom of the Opera (twice)
Jekyll & Hyde
Fiddler on the Roof
Little Shop of Horrors
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