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The REAL Gran Torino

i dont know if this was posted, I searched found nothing... did you all see this old ass dude beat the fuck out out of some young punk on a bus in Oakland?



Here is an after interview with the dude:


here is him getting tased at an Oakland A's game... i couldnt finish that one.. i wanted to beat the cops ass so bad just watching that video!


and best of all... here is a lil documentary in 2 parts about this dude... I'm sorry.. but this dude is the shit!!! I wanna meet him!


part 2:

This dude is the shit! I may not agree with EVERYTHING he said.. but he is fuckin hilarious! And im glad he beat the fuck out of that trash talkin dude in the first video.. that dude thought he was tough, and this dude fucked his ass up! Good for him!

FUckin hilarious, The Real Fuckin Gran Torino!
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I posted the top one already in the youtube/video thread.

Anyways, Lesson 1: Don't fuck with an old dude wearing a shirt reading "I Am A Motherfucker"

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my apologies Mopar!

But surely you can agree this dude deserves his own shrine of awesomeness, or at the very least his own thread!!
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No worries, this comedy gold is definitely thread-worthy.

Bad Santa beats down Beatlejuice.

That shit needs to happen a lot more often.
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