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A Tale of Fail

Use this thread to talk about times where you or someone you've known has made a complete ass of themselves, or just failed in general. This one happened a few years ago. I had just met these people at a friend's house, and they had their baby with them. I forget exactly how the conversation went but I said something along the lines of "ahhh, look at the little boy!" and the Dad looked me and says "Boy? She's a girl." That was incredibly embarrassing and I quickly made up an excuse to leave. Needless to say I don't think I made a good impression.
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Apparently this thread is another fail, haha
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I talked someone into believing that Ikea was a country... the following day he wasn't very happy with me.

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haha, I actually see this thread being full of win so far! Cronos, I tip my hat to you. Smok3h, you're not alone in making an ass out of yourself...

I once worked for this market that exclusively delivered groceries and we would have to restock our shelves daily. Well, there was this drink called Orangina and I thought it was pronounced Orang-I-NA.

One day I was restocking the shelves with the cute girl at the store and this other guy and we were talking about the items we thought had funny names. I mentioned the Orangina drink. It wasn't long after that the girl said, "Actually, it's Orang-EENA." She gave me this look like I intentionally tried making a dirty joke at her expense. The conversation was killed, and she pretty much wrote me off at that point. The worst part was that I wasn't trying to make a dirty joke. I actually thought it was pronounced the other way.

In short, fuck Orangina.
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Oh, man. This one is bad. I was out with this chick and we had gone to a store and she had bought a shirt. We're back at her house and she goes to change. It seems like she's into me, so naturally I pull out my phone to text my bud. Later, we go out to her car and she checks her phone. "New text from Nathan...". It hasn't hit me yet. I presume it's another Nathan so I say "Nathan who?". She opens it and reads aloud: Dude, she totally wants it.

"That meant for someone else?". Somehow I seemed to talk my way out of it. Or at least to the point where she didn't care.

Then we had sex in the backseat.**

**= Not really. But we did stalk her ex-boyfriend. As you mighta guessed- she turned out crazy and attacked me verbally multiple times when I lost interest in her.
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In South America, it is custom to greet a person (of the opposite sex) by giving them a peck on the cheek.

Turns out not everyone in the world does this; I've embarrassed myself quite a few times since moving to Australia.
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Okay, this one is shamefully embarassing, but since everone else is fessing up, I guess I don't mind...

So the military service over here creates this really interesting melting pot, in which people from all over the country meet and sometimes become very good friends on the base - but everyone comes already equipped with their own group of friends from "home". So I had a great friend on my base who invited me and some other guys to his birthday party this one time, where we met his "home" friends for the first time. So these guys are kind of nerds... I mean, I am a self-professed geek, but these guys were NERDS, like dress-up-for-comic-book-convention nerds.

So at one point during the evening, we started talking about live-action roleplay - you know, where people dress up in cardboard-spraypainetd-silver suits of armor and plastic swords and go out into the woods and stage battles. And I just TORE into it, I was like "yeah, that's so pathetic, I can't believe there are people who spend like thousands of dollars collecting like memorabilia and insignas and stuff", and I was just going on about it. And then, there was this like really awkward silence, until one of the guys said "um... actually, WE do that all the time." GOD was it embarassing. It was harsh. And my asshole friend didn't even stop me, he just let me go on about it!
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