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Put movie trailers back on DVD/blu-ray!!!

This is a minor rant but as a sucker for films' original trailers I'm disappointed to find that nowadays (especially with blu-ray) that trailers are no longer included in the Special Features section.

Some movies have great theatrical trailers but get shafted on the video release; is it so hard to include? Back in the day, and I mean around 5 or so years ago, they were always included (not just the trailer but teaser and TV spots). Okay maybe this isn't a big deal to anyone, I just find it kinda annoying. End of rant.

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I totally agree! Back in the day, the film's theatrical trailer used to be the only special feature included on the DVD and we were damn happy to get it (well, not really). Now the bigger movies packed with extras just seem to forget the trailer or don't include it because it's not important enough. Sure, they can fit like 20 trailers for other movies, but not its own. Doesn't make sense.

I know trailers are insanely easily accessible on the internet but it would be nice if they were permanently housed on the DVD/Blu-Ray so not only do you have access to it whenever you want but you get to watch it on your TV instead of a tiny computer screen.

Trailers are practically a creative art form themselves, just like the actual movies. They need to be preserved. One example of a DVD release doing a good job including the trailer was The Dark Knight. Sure, it didn't have as much behind-the-scenes stuff as we could've hoped for, but at least it included all three awesome trailers. And those things are great to watch because you can remember when you saw it and how excited you were for the movie, etc. So kudos to Warner Bros. for that.
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Agreed. I don't have A Serious Man on DVD or BluRay, for example, but if that release doesn't have the trailer, I will be GREATLY disappointed. Because it's definitely something that I would love watching as a special feature, over and over again.
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i also fully agree!

It has gotten annoying, I am a fan of trailers and i am annoyed that they stopped including the one piece of marketing that actually works in getting me to the theater!

I have been downloading them from Itunes for a while now, but wish they would throw them on the home video releases!
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I think the problem is that they have to pay a licensing fee for any of the music used in the trailer if they want to include it on the DVD, so they usually just leave it off to save a few bucks.

I don't like it either. The trailer set the standard for DVD special features from way back at the very beginning. Some trailers are real works of art.
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I also agree. I love trailers.
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As long as I'm able to skip through the trailers and select them at the menu, I'm cool with that.
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As of late having trailers on DVD's at least is a 80% yea 20% nay in my experience - I like having trailers included in whatever form.
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Don't mind trailers on DVDs, but LOATHE when you can't skip them... LOOOOOAAAAATHE!!
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Originally Posted by Donnie_Darko View Post
Don't mind trailers on DVDs, but LOATHE when you can't skip them... LOOOOOAAAAATHE!!
He's specifically talking about trailers for the film itself which are located under Special Features, no the trailers for other shit that sometimes start at the beginning of a DVD.

Those suck ass.
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I'd rather have the extra space on the disc to be used to increase the video quality.

If you want to see the trailer, a trailer, or any trailer, just use the internet.
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