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Doctor Movies

So basically I'm a medical student and our university is having a movie night where students bring in a doctor movie. So before I do that I was just wondering what everyone's favorite movie involving doctors is. Listing would be cool.

************************************************** ******************
Day 2
Dr. Joseph Phillips - 1 shots of vodka 1 beer.
Dr. Devin Mei - 12 shots of vodka 2 beers.
Dr. Natalie Rinda - 3 glasses of champagne (to be expected)
Dr. Linda Keating - 4 shots of vodka 5 beers.
Dr. Xiao Chen (Victor) - 11 shots of vodka 1 beer.
Me- 6 shots of vodka and 1 beer.
Dr. Kate Torres - 3 beers (the noob improves)
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This is not a doctor movie in any way, but it's probably one of my favorite doctor-involved scenes in any film:

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If we're gonna talk about doctors in movies. Then nothing and nobody tops this guy/thing. The cenobite doctor in Hellraiser 2: Hell On Earth.


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Then of course, there's this guy from Dr Giggles

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Ummm . . . Dr. No?

Shutter Island
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
(well . . . there was definitely the nurses anyway)
Patch Adams

Kurosawa's Red Beard

And it's been a while since I've seen the movie called The Doctor, but I don't remember it being that bad.
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The Hangover (although he's not a doctor he's a dentist)
Doctor Zhivago (perhaps a bit slow for the college crowd)
Drunken Angel (not really my sorta film tho, also see Dr Zhivago)
Dirty Pretty Things
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Human Centipede
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Doctor Detroit
Critical Condition
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