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What Do Kids Think of The Dark Knight?

Growing up my favorite director was Tim Burton. My favorite actors were Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Favorite actress and composer: Kim Bassinger and Danny Elfman. Why? Batman '89. I watched the film probobly once a week for the first 7 years of my young life. Admittidly there are some rather graphic elements to this film, but not much comparing to the Dark Knight.

So anyways, I was babysitting my girlfriend's nephew this weekend and we started talking about Batman. He's got the comics, action figures, and first two Burton films, so I figured I'd ask him if he like the Dark Knight. He had no idea what it was, so I thought "what the hell" I'll introduce this kid to a great Batman story. About an hour later when his parents came home to see us watching the film, I was treated like I'd shown him I Spit On Your Grave.

They said that they were keeping the film from him for a reason and that it was not an appropriate film for an 8 year old. I argued it wasn't all that much worse than Batman Returns, but I was banned from contact with the kid none the less.

The other thing is, as we were watching it he kept saying how terrible he thought the movie was. He thought Ledger was awful and the movie was too long and boring.

So my question is this: What do kids think of The Dark Knight? Is this a film that shouldn't be viewed by anyone under 13, like the PG-13 rating suggests? Advice from any parents would be greatly appreciated as now my girlfriend doesn't trust my judgement picking movies out for our future kids now either.
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You should have shown him A Clockwork Orange instead. That's a work of art.
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Well first, the parent's reaction to the child watching The Dark Knight to begin with shows their insecurity as parents. The Dark Knight is no Clockwork Orange or Requiem for a Dream, it's a comic book movie that took a more serious approach. My siblings, ages ranging from as low as 3 all the way to 13, all have different views of the film all together. My 3-year-old sibling sees it just as "Batman" as well as my 5-year-old sibling. Now, as the age of my siblings increase the more they realize the hands at work with the film. My 9-year-old sibling sees it as Batman against the Joker and a bunch of other 'bad people'. While finally my 13-year-old sibling saw it as something that just kicked ass, and now he wants to see Inception.

I personally think The Dark Knight is an appropriate film for children of all ages, there's worse stuff on t.v. these days.
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My nephew is nine and watches this movie all the time. He loves it.
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Well, I'm over 30 so I can't attest to what kids think of The Dark Knight. But I do think the movie is for adults, despite it's PG-13 rating. I wouldn't show it to my nephew, who is now 6, but I wouldn't let him watch it for a couple of years . . . and he LOVES Batman. The movie has some intense sequences: the "magic trick," the Joker on tape with the fake Batman, Harvey Dent's "new" face(s), and more that small children might not quite understand.
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My 12-year-old cousin loves the SHIT out of this movie, and rightfully so. Also, thinking back, I'd probably seen worse movies as a child - I grew up on Jurassic Park - saw it for the first time when I was 4 or 5 - and that has fucking giant monsterous dinosaurs graphically eating people and some BATSHIT intense sequences, but it never fucked me up. I think the parents are stupid for going crazy over you showing The Dark Knight to an 8-year-old kid. But if you said the kid was bored... well, different strokes for different... kids, I suppose. Although my cousin loves the film, for instance, I could never get my 12-year-old BROTHER to sit down and give it a chance even; it just doesn't interest him. I would have LOVED the film if I was 8, though.
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My girlfriend loves The Dark Knight but wont let her kids see it, I asked her why, because I love this movie also and would like to watch it with them, she insists that first off, they wouldnt totally get it and that the joker and two-face would be just to much for them. The kids are 9 and 8, she is a fantastic mother so I trust her parenting skills but they do want to watch it.
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Just so you all know, today at the store, this adorable little 9-year-old kid came in with his grandma asking about The Dark Knight. I ended up selling him Batman Begins and TDK. Just goes to show that some kids are obviously mature enough to know and recognize its greatness
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