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NowPlayingPodcast.com's PREDATOR Retrospective

Anyone here subscribe or listen to the URL REMOVED movie reviews?

I was just searching for movie review shows on iTunes one day and found their retrospective on Friday the 13th, gave it a listen and became instantly hooked! They've also done retrospective lookbacks at Star Trek, Terminator, Back to the Future, The Karate Kid, among others...

To prepare for the coming of PREDATORS, they've launched yet another retrospective series in their growing line called as you might assume - The PREDATOR retrospective series!

Insightful and informative yet witty, they don't take it all too seriously so it can be quite amusing at times as well. Each of the three host's gives a unique perspective into the series, from the n00b to the super fan to the one who's just down the middle of the road. They present a fair, balanced and objective look at the beloved sci-fi/action franchise property as a whole before diving into the Robert Rodriquez/Nimrod Antal-directed pseudo-sequel.

Here are the links to each show:


Highly recommended listening for any fan of the series, or just movie fans in general! They can be quite nit-picky at times, but this might be their least nit-picky one yet. I can say after just having listening to their AVP episode, that they perfectly sum up what is wrong with the movie and why it is so(rightfully) maligned.

Their review for AVP 2 should be up in a few days.


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