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The Incredible HULK!

No need for any in depth "blah,blah" about Marvel Comic's "green behemoth"... Anyone who reads and collects comic books from years back to present day,know all about the often misunderstood giant,albeit Superhero! Marvel Comics Artist-Herb Trimpe, (who I actually commissioned once in 2002) was the main artist through arguably the coolest run of "The Incredible HULK" from late 60's to mid 70's. ('68-'75). Sal Buscema, penciled the character for a good long run as well beginning in 1975-1985! The undisputed "King" of comic art, Marvel's own Jack Kirby, penciled The Hulk throughout the "Silver Age" period. (1960's on an off thru the early 70's era) Kirby's HULK IMO, was charming but hardly THE ideal look for the character. Favorite issues of "The Incredible HULK" that I've owned since they were issued are-#180 #182-both issues have amazing artwork by Herb Trimpe & inker Jack Able(#180).A few other honorary HULK artists I have to list are - George Perez, John Romita and Marie Severin, both in covers and panel interior work, for the guest appearances by The HULK, in various Marvel titles during the 1970's "Bronze Age" period. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv5k2E0XkZ8 Incredible HULK artist from the 70's Herb Trimpe brief interview.
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Name:	hulk183spl.jpg
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ID:	8702-#183 splash page Herb Trimpe

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Name:	hulk202spl.jpg
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ID:	8703 - #202 splash page Sal Buscema & Joe Staton

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Name:	hulk208spl.jpg
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ID:	8704-#208 splash page Sal Buscema & Joe Staton

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Name:	hulktresury.jpg
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ID:	8705-Marvel Hulk Treasury Edition -John Romita

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Name:	trimpeartist.jpg
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ID:	8706-THE bronze age Incredible Hulk Artist- Herb Trimpe!

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