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Fuck you Bendis

Ok, that's it. I've had it with this fucking Brian Micheal Bendis prick and his horrible writing.

I recently checked out the trade for Secret Invasion and while the overall product wasn't too bad there are a few horrible things in it. Also i'll point out that i didn't enjoy's Yu's art all that much either. So anyways the overall story is alright but there were a few glaring contradictions to be had.

For starters they have Dum Dum Dugan killed off by a Skrull posing as a woman that both he and Fury were close to (can't recall her name). Now with this happening we are to believe that Dugan is human yes? Well if that's the fact then why is he on the ship with that above mentioned woman and all the hero's that got replaced by Skrulls? If he was killed on earth then why would he be alive on this ship?

Second, why all the skrull focus on Stark? There's this whole bit with the Skrull Queen telling Tony that he is the greatest Skrull warrior who volenteered to have his mind wiped to be the perfect sleeper, that even he would have no idea that he was a Skrull. So i start thinking "hey that would make Civil War make a lot more sense when placed before Invasion, Tony was a skrull and got all the hero's to fight each other". No. That's not it at all. He's human and for some reason he get's far more singled out then any of the other Illuminati that pissed off the Skrulls to begin with. Completely pointless waste of something that could have fit perfectly and been pretty cool.

Now how about Jarvis? I'm sure the Skrulls could of had more then one of their own posing as Jarvis but what's the point other then to escape the corner Bendis wrote hiumself into. The first Jarvis is killed on the Hellicarier by director Hill in the middle of the Ocean but low and behold much later in the stroy he's suddenly back at Avengers Tower to set up the kidnaping of the Cage/Jones baby? Say what? Some how it was discovered that Jarvis was a Skrull and no one decids to pass along the info even though there is yet another Jarvis (assuming Bendis didn't fuck up his own story) chilling at the Avengers Tower? Come on.

I also love how no real explanation to what was going on with Wasp as the Skrulls last citch effort. Sure Skrull Pum gives her the formula to grow big as well a shrink a whilke back but why is her growing big killing ppl? They just say it's some sort of biological warfare and have her drawn with purple energy shit around her. So how what ever this shit is is effecting some hero's but not all and they end up having to kill her to stop it? Jheeeeeeze. You'd think Janet would have at least tried this growth thing out at some point.

Now i know some of this is nitpicking but it's shit that has come to be expected from Bendis's hack writing. The shit this guy has come up with over the years is rediculous. I mean the Beyonder, the soul being responsible for the original Secret Wars is really just a mutant the want through the Tagerian Mists on the moon (the stuff that makes the Inhumans)? Are you fucking serious? Just look at what he's done to the Ultimate Universe before they rebooted (read kept it going but got to sell new #1 issues). Humans created mutatns? They made a drug to enhance mutant powers based on Wolverines DNA?

I have had enough of this guy i'm actually dreading reading through Seige atm but i hope it doesn't suck too hard.
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I've hated Bendis ever since I started checking out his Ultimate work. Some the choices he makes are mind bogglingly stupid. Not to mention how he keeps making Spider-Man talk more and more like he's an old Jewish man.
Actually, this I-Mockery article sums it up perfectly:
The only good Bendis comic was his run on Daredevil.
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Peter Parker is now dating a Jewish girl (Kitty Pride, the X-Men's Shadowcat) and she doesn't speak any Yiddish… only he does.
My god it's so true.......

Ha that article was great and so true. It's not that he's a bad writer it's more that he's everywhere in marvel and he's spread too thin and can't do large groups of characters.

Personally i enjoyed a lot of his Ult Spider Man but it got pretty bad at times and while a lot of his other stuff is alright there is always obvious crap to pick out of it that's horrible.

For me he's become the new Liefield in that he's so bloody popular for churning such sub par work. I swear if Bendis gets some sort of product commercial like Liefields Levis commercial someones gonna die

I got 6 out of 10 on the quiz by the way....
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I'll admit that I don't like much, if any, of his Marvel work, but his non-Marvel stuff is great. Powers is the shit as is almost anything he did back in the day(Alias, Goldfish, .etc).
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I hate the guy that lets Bendis do those things. Joey Q sucks. Especially after he drew Peter Parker to look like himself... as if we already didn't need more evidence that he's fucking over the book because of his own issues.
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Well, most fans figure whenever Quesada leaves, Bendis' work out put will significantly drop.

His dialogue just pisses me off, i can't make sense of it most of the time. Especially in Ultimate Spider-man.
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Heh, so true. Also, Seige sucked balls.
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I wish JMS' Supreme Power had a chance to continue/finish the way he wanted it to... as the relaunch of the relaunch fucking sucked.

Marvel just sucks now.
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Originally Posted by Gilpesh View Post
I wish JMS' Supreme Power had a chance to continue/finish the way he wanted it to... as the relaunch of the relaunch fucking sucked.

Marvel just sucks now.
Man i've wished that for years now. Marvel really should have never done away with their MAX titles.
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At least there's always Rising Stars for what could have been. And at least there's always the third party companies for good comics.
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Marvel still does some great stuff, they just don't push those titles. New Mutants, X-Factor, Thunderbolts, none of which are core titles. Which seems to make them better. Titles like these, the characters are allowed to grow and change. Where on the other hand, if they use guys like Spider-man and Wolverine, they can never change, because the almighty Marvel might not get he money they want.
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What Marvel needs to do is reinstate the Epic inprint move everything they don't care about controlling to so that those who want their stories and characters to evolve can with out mother hen getting on their cases. Leave all the crap that they want to cancel and re-boot for yet another 1st issue stay under Marvel.

I'm sure they are still putting out some quality stuff but after their killing off of the Ultimate Universe, essentially to just reboot it, made me lose faith in the majority of their products.

Oh and as for Bendis, i went through and read my Ultimate X-Men and you can instantly tell when Bendis's 2 acrs come up cause all of a sudden ppl start saying things like 'Tucas' which they had never uttered in hte 6 or so arcs prior
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