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Stoopid Movies: Horror Reviews

Stoopid Movies: We watch them so you don't have to! That's the whole premise behind the show. One part MST3K, one part Porky's, Stoopid Movies is a great excuse for three friends to get together, watch the worst of the worst, and crack jokes for two hours a week. Plus, there's popcorn! We like to have fun, be goofy and suffer through bad movies so we can help you avoid watching crap!

Please feel free to check out episodes out and critique us! We appreciate any and all comments, opinions, feedback and suggestions!
Also, please feel free to give us suggestions you may have for bad movies! Any and all are more than welcome!
Visit us at www.facebook.com/stoopidmovies and become part of our community page!

New episodes are released every Thursday morning.

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Stoopid Movies Episode 1: Zombiegeddon

The Stoopid Movie crew reviews "Zombiegeddon". We apologize for the audio and video being slightly out of sync, it's a problem we're looking into, and hope to have fixed by the next episode.

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Stoopid Movies Episode 2: Horror

The Stoopid Movies crew suffers through the plate of confusion that is "Horror". HORROR!!!

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Stoopid Movies Episode 3: Death Clique

The Stoopid Movie crew reviews Death Clique, plays Trooth Or Dare, and accidentally opens a rift in space and time.

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Stoopid Movies Episode 4: Puppet Master: Axis Of Evil

The Stoopid Movie crew reviews Puppet Master 10: Axis Of Evil. Also, Rob suffers multiple injuries in penance for his computer.

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