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What old school comic do you recommand?

I have just got into comics 2 years ago. I love Kick-Ass, Watchmen, Walking Dead, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Of course except for Batman, I haven't read any comics for the superheros that have been around years such as Spiderman, Iron man, Captain America, and Wolverine. Do you guys have any recommandations?
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Don't go for the obvious.

I'd recommend Howard the Duck. You can get the whole run in one volume.

Also, Cerebus. It starts of good. Gets really awesome. Then goes down in flames like nothing you've ever seen. Worth checking out. There are a great bunch of characters here, including The Roach, basically an insane superhero wannabe who reinvents himself as a parody of various other heroes (IE, Moon Knight, Batman, Wolverine, etc.) The Roach is what The Tick was based on.

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I had the same itch a couple years back...

fortunately my library (and dad's personal collection) were fairly well stocked. A few things I got pretty into were:

Daredevil stuff by Frank Miller.
Green Lantern + Green Arrow. Don't know how long they teamed up, but the small collection I read was cool.
Punisher War Zone. The first 18/19 issues drawn by the fantastic John Romita Jr. (who did Kick-Ass)
G.I. Joe. Decent & fun military fantasy, by Larry Hama who wrote most of the classic mythology.
The Avengers. Again, I have a couple collections of the first era. Classic Marvel foundations and good to catch up on for the upcoming movie.

I've been an on & off collector most of my life, but these are just some off the top of my head.
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The New Teen Titans. The one done in the 80's by George Perez and Marv Wolfman. They made the Titans (including Robin) interesting. And unlike todays lazy comic book writers they did it without killing off any existing characters or rebooting the character histories.
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Pick up the X-Men Essentials. They are the consecutive collected issues starting from issues 94 which was when the new team (Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, etc) join the book and the great Chris Claremont sarts his epic run.

I have Vol's 1-7 which i think ends around issue 180 something or other. These books include such great stories as the Pheonix/Dark Pheonix saga, Mutant Massacre and The Brood saga. Epic X-Men if there ever was.

They are unfortunately in black and white but for about $25 you get a book with usually 20+ issues in it. Great stories at great value.

I also recomend the Spider Man essentials but honestly the X-Men ones are better.
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