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It's been a couple hours since I watched this film's credits roll and I think I am just now starting to breathe normally again. I'm not breathless simply because I just spent 95 minutes in a wooden box with Ryan Reynolds, but also because "Buried" was, simply put, the best mystery/thriller I've seen in several years, if not longer.

I'm not a genre guy, but if forced to pick an overall favorite, I'd probably have to wind up somewhere in the mystery/thriller arena. So when I say this is the best of that ilk I've seen in years, it's the highest of high praise.

But even that doesn't do this film justice. I wish adjectives like "tour de force" were not so overused so that when a film truly surprises and terrifies the living crap out of me the way this one did, those adjectives could be used to their actually appropriate effect. That being said, the performance Ryan Reynolds throws down in "Buried" is truly not one to be trifled with. He'd better start getting his Oscar gear tailored, polished and ready...

This is from my blog at filmslut.com. This is already really long, but if you want to read more, there's more on the blog there. Thanks.
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Good words, looking forward to this one!
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