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My biggest critique of the third installment of the Jackass series? The utterly annoying 3-D.

Seriously, people, I don’t know how else to say this… 3-D is the worst new trend in movies (just edging out Zach Galifianakis). I’ve seen only two 3-D movies that were worth the headache I had to endure: Avatar (James Cameron is the only person to understand that 3-D is best used to convey depth and breadth of the scene… making you feel like you’re right there with the characters) and Piranha 3-D (such a classic throwback to old school 3-D… AND features a great underwater, 3-D lesbian ballet. Brilliant).

Everything else? Such a waste of time. And Jackass is no different, not even utilizing the effects for the majority of the movie. I’m almost positive that the entire concept was born out of the stunt where a remote control helicopter is tied to a guy’s penis and flown around – coming right at you (the heli, not the penis).


Do I even need to go into the movie itself? You either like this sort of thing or you don’t. Personally, I find it funny, and Jackass delivers (albeit in smaller doses than previous versions). So if you think supergluing a little person to a great big fat guy in a 69 position is funny (and said little person manically ripping away from the fat guy upon threat of being tased is even funnier) then have I got a movie for you...

Sure, it’s pathetically juvenile – and my wife will lose respect for me just for having gone to see this (she yells at me if I even dare turn on an old episode when we’re at home). But what can I tell you? When Will the Farter (an old Howard Stern regular) shoots a dart out of a blowgun that’s been inserted into his ass cheeks, popping a balloon that’s been inserted into Steve-O’s said cheeks… well, that sh*t is funny, dude.

To me anyway.

But equal to the humor is the sense of astonishment re just how far these idiots will go to get those laughs (from you or just themselves… you get the sense that they really don’t care if you like it or not. They do this stuff to crack each other up. Outside opinions be damned).

And yeah, yeah… I know. Kids are gonna start roller skating in a muddy field of herding buffalo or hitting each other or something because of this. They get fat because of McDonald’s too. Try parenting once in a while. They’ll be fine.


A little of this stuff goes a long way, so I won't pretend that this doesn't get old or even annoying at times.

And frankly, even if you do get off on this sort of thing, I don’t recommend spending your hard-earned cash just to see it in the theaters. You don’t need the 3-D.

So until it comes out on DVD, you can pretty much get the same thing by watching reruns on MTV… or better yet, check out Tosh.O. That’s funnier anyway.

My verdict: C-

[More reviews at www.deconstructors.com]
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I'm on a fence.

I think 3D is hit and miss. For the most part I fucking hate it. I totally agree that it is a fucking pointless trend, but it makes money for the studios, so it's here for awhile. For me, I thought it worked good in Jackass 3D. It helped produce an atmosphere for me, but maybe it was just the part of the theater I was in. Other than this and Avatar though, I haven't seen any worthy 3D in any other live action film. I do think that 3D works much better in animated films, and if it's here to stay, I hope it stays there.
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