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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Peeps: I need your help!

I'm interested in getting some SERIES for the E-reader. If you had to recommend three SERIES, what would they be?

Thanks in advance for your input!!
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I'm not sure what an E-reader is, but some good sci-fi fantasy books I can think of are:

-Hyperion & The fall of Hyperion (Dan Simmons): The first one is a classic, the sequel is ok as a conclussion.

-Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card): Great book, I'm not sure about it's sequels.

-A song of Ice and Fire (George R.R. Martin): Just started the first book and it's pretty good so far.

-Discworld (Terry Pratchett): I love this series. I recommend "Guards, guards!", "Small Gods", and "Sourcery".
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That's my E-Reader. I love it.

Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going to grab them now!
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I would definitly go for A Song of ice and Fire...my favorite book series of any genre.
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I'll just echo a couple of the previous recommendations and give a thumbs up to A Song Of Fire And Ice. I've read up until the end of the fourth book and will be starting the fifth as soon as I put my hands on a copy. You have great fantasy books...then you have A Song Of Fire And Ice...a series of novels that truly transcend the trappings of the genre. Pretty much as good as the Fantasy genre gets.

As for Sci-Fi...I would recommend Peter F Hamilton's Nights Dawn series. I'm not done with it yet but I loved it because due to the nature of the story it often tips over the edge into the horror genre (basically the souls of the dead start coming back and possessing the living...all set against a massive sci-fi backdrop).
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As far as fantasy goes, you can't do much better than George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Plus, the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons finally has the confirmed release date of July 12, 2011!

I would also suggest Steve Erickson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. It has more traditional fantasy elements than Martin's series, but it twists them in some pretty interesting ways. The first book, Gardens of the Moon, is probably the weakest of the series, but the rest are damn near excellent (especially books 2-7).

Glen Cook's The Black Company is pretty good, too. He was the trailblazer for Martin, Erickson, and others in taking a more adult track with fantasy. All of the books are in 4 omnibuses, but I would only recommend the first two: Chronicles of the Black Company and The Book of the South.

I don't have much experience with sci-fi, but I would definitely recommend Frank Herbert's Dune series (just the ones by Frank Herbert, though, as I've heard nothing good about the others).
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Everyone is suggesting A Song of Ice and Fire because it really is that good!
I might not recommend reading that series first though, as it may make everything else pale in comparison.

Malazan Book of the Fallen is really good and actually quite funny.

The Dune series by Frank Herbert is my absolute favorite in sci-fi...

I'd also give The Wheel of Time a chance.

Oh, and if you want a more philosophical dark fantasy series pick up The Prince of Nothing. First book is called The Darkness that Comes Before.

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Originally Posted by Dead Halloween View Post

-Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card): Great book, I'm not sure about it's sequels.
I wouldn't bother with the sequels. They get worse and worse and eventually I couldn't even finish the 4th book because it was so bad. Ender's Game is brilliant though, definitely worth a read if you haven't yet.
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