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Dario Argentio's Dracula 3D

My Lord!


Suspiria is one of my all-time favourite films, but this just looks awful. Has Argentio lost all sense? It also looks like he hasn't given up on undressing his daughter on film...as much as Asia Argentio naked is appreciated, that's just out there. The marketing strategy (or rather lack thereof) is absolutely awful. I remember reading the lengthy synopsis for it when it was first released and thinking about how much it revealed, but the trailer is even worse! This film is going to make Survival of the Dead look like a masterpiece!

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Indeed, it was! I have no idea what the fuck it has to do with Dracula!
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That was bad. I'm embarrassed for Argento, the guy can't do anything right lately. Why would they even allow that to be released?
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I dont think Im exaggerating when I say I could have produced that in a weekend.
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1. I knew this was a bad idea as soon as I heard about it. I love Argento....but it's time for him to just stop. Or stick to producing or something. I was hoping that "Mother Of Tears" would be his big return to form.....and, uh, it wasn't.

2. Hey, that CGI owl flying toward the screen is really impressive....or, rather, it would've been 20 years ago in a Sega Genesis game.

3. Love the scene where Dracula is just pacing back and forth going "Arrrggh! ARRRGGHH!" Seriously Argento, why even put this in the trailer?

4. Yeah...the giant praying mantis.

5. Rutger Hauer seems decent as Van Helsing. The costumes/sets look half decent.
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Originally Posted by adamjohnson View Post
I dont think Im exaggerating when I say I could have produced that in a weekend.
I've produced better, no exaggeration. (And I am by no means considering myself a better director than the great Argentio, but this project is just low, which kills me to say.)
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what..in the hell was that? lol
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WTF! It gave away the whole damn movie.

To me Italian horror has always been overrated.
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Ehh this I'm quite sure is a leak. Its a teaser trailer that get's shopped around film festival markets to interested investors/producers/distributors to try and get more interest - usually for more funding or just international theatrical or dvd sales.

It's the norm for these to be quite rough and unfinished, which is obvious by the cg and lack of a colour grade. The film probably isn't even 50% done when this was released. The people who watch these in the markets are well aware of these things.

So it's only natural for everyone to freak out because it does look quite bad - it's nowhere near a finished product! Don't look at this and judge it expecting the final to be similar - it was never meant to be out in public like this.

I do hope the best for Argento though, even if he has lost his touch.
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Perhaps it isn't finished, but that still doesn't explain things such as the awful ideas proposed in the trailer such as the giant grasshopper! There is no reason for that - especially in a Dracula film!!
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