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Mafia/gangster book recommendations

Donnie Brasco is on UK terrestrial TV tonight (movies in the UK don't usually get a cut "TV version") and I know it's based on a true story as well as a book by the guy who was the actual Donnie Brasco. If I like the movie I might buy the book. I'm also trying to find Wiseguy on which Goodfellas is based on.

Can anyone reccomend any other good mafia/gangster books, preferably ones based on true stories. Dosn't matter if the gangsters in question are the mafia, gangsters in South Central LA, or whatever.
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Anything by Mario Puzo, in particular The Last Don or The Godfather. I usually read The Godfather at least once a year because it is so well written.

Casino by Nick Pileggi is also an awsome book (hard to find in print though).
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Many thanks.
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If your looking for straight, unbiased facts about true Mafia happenings , then get this book

It's amazing
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The Godfather is one of my favorite books, I also read it every year or two. Mighty fine. Wiseguy, which Goodfellas is based on, is also excellent.
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And nobody mentions Billy Bathgate, by E.L. Doctorow? Oh, man. Dutch Schultz. He was a real mobster, but the book is a novel, written about one of his associates. Dutch was nuts, he allegedly beat a man to death just for looking at him, which is actually in the book with a little more meat to the motive. It's seriously one of the greats. Enough sex and violence to last you for a good while.
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OK - check it out 2 books you got to read are 1 - The Return of Scarface by DEJOHN & 2 - The Omerta by Mario Puzo.

I love scarface so much that it was kinda hard for me to be open to the fact that there would be a cont.. story but I was happy with the end result.

Here's the link to the only place I've seen that you can buy The Return of SF - http://www.thereturnofsf.com/store.htm

& The Omerta can be purchased at book stores everywhere.

Good Luck & Happy Reading
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Bit late here but if you're from the UK, you will like Lowlife by Simon Eddisbury. A uni student got sent to jail for selling Es and spent the time he was there interviewing all of the criminals, most of the ones he bothered with pretty serious gangsters. Here's the blurb

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Mafia Enforcer was also pretty cool, also by Pileggi. It was kind of like Goodfellas with bikers.
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These guys scared John Gotti.

Get Murder Machine by Jerry Capeci. It's about the Roy Demeo crew.I read this in two days. These guys were scary, had nightmares for days.
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The Last Godfathers is an amazing true crime book on the rise of the Corleonesi. I read part of it in Rome, waiting on a flight at an airport featured in the books prologue.
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Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia contract killer
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