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Suggestion on indie film

I'm working on this mockumentary called When I Met Jackie Reynold, and just did a trailer to slowly promote the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/WhenIMetJackieReynold).

Anyway, I thought you have more knowledge in films than friends/family, and you won't hesitate being honest about what you think about, so just let me know if it looks interesting to you, and if not what didn't you like about it.

Thank you, all comments comments are welcome, good or bad.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2CmLmZtlY8

Also I thought if anybody has a personal indie film to promote, well why not doing it here to make this thread a more general topic so it's not all about me.
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The audio needs some work. Like in the beginning, it's hard to hear the on-street interviews over the music, and then with the interviewee at the desk with the tweed coat - needed mic much closer to avoid the echo which sounds pretty crazy. A lot of what I heard could be fixed by dubbing, but even just a capable audio hobbyist could make a vast improvement on what you have with some filtering and level work.

Those titles stand out a bit too much. Try to avoid brightest white against blackest back. Even just dropping the whites down 5% and the blacks up 5% could make a huge difference. Also, and as a personal preference, I don't think artificial hairs and scratches ever look good unless you go all out and degrade the actual video itself, or use them very sparingly. Otherwise it's kind of ineffective as an effect since it just looks like what it is - artificial. This is especially noticeable when the rest of what you are seeing looks pretty sharp.

Technical nitpickery aside, for the scope of this film, it really does seem to have everything in place to be a really appealing movie. I really like the tone that I took from the trailer. Everything seemed played up well. Sometimes mockumentaries will go a bit overboard with the material and I didn't get that here. Your casting seemed really well done. A lot of times you get movies trying to pull off something like this, and they'll have a homogenized cast that totally destroys any authenticity. I think of something like the Bottle Rocket short where you see the guys interacting with people outside their demographic and that adds enough realism to make the absurd work.

Then beyond just the casting, all of your actors were appealing and felt, again, authentic. They seemed to really be pulling off the material, which is another plus. Everyone seemed like a character without coming off like a cartoon. That's something else I appreciated because otherwise you can see through the joke.

The only other thing I'd wonder is if you got contact information or releases from the people interviewed on the street, because I didn't get the idea that they were in on the joke. That might be important if this goes anywhere. Although, you could blur out the faces, I don't feel that would fit the tone of the film.

Good job, man. I look forward to more.
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Thank you for the comment.

Sound will be fix for our second version, right now we're still in production and trying to raise money to shoot Jackie's old films (mostly for wardrobe and props).

I tried to fix the titles, the artificial hairs and scratches are out for this version, and I will degrade the actual video itself for our second trailer (which will include old movies from Jackie Reynold)

For the interviews in the street, we did have them sign a release form, we didn't tell them afterward it was for a mockumentary though.

And thanks for the casting, we only had 3 professional actors (well all actresses), others are friends or acquaintance which we picked for their personality (and audition them first of course), we also let them do some improv and change slightly the lines to fit their character, the actresses preferred just follow the script though.

I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson, so I enjoyed the reference, and funny story, I had a dream with Wes Anderson couple weeks ago, we were going to interview him to talk about Jackie Reynold, but we had to reschedule because he had to go on a shoot (and we were losing sun anyway).
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