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Watching movies in egypt???

Next year I'm going to mobilized with the Army national guard to the Sinai peninsula in Egypt and I was wondering if anyone knew what the best way to stay current with films would be. I don't like to watch anything illegally, so I'd just like any suggestions that people know for watching movies overseas. Theaters and Netflix are no longer an option, thanks for your help.
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Good Luck overseas.

That is weird that you are being stationed with the National Guard in Egypt next year... one of my good buddies actually has the exact same assignment starting in March! (Im not sure if it is the Sinai Peninsula or what not though)

Sadly, I have no ideas for watching movies overseas. But good luck
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Old 12-13-2010, 12:46 PM
Yeah I'm going with the 175th Infantry of the Maryland Army national guard. I'm a medic with delta company if you know where your friend is assigned. Small world
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