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Infinity Ward vs Activision

What are your thoughts on this issue between these two companies and who do you believe to be at fault for the mess at hand?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what's going on, Activision acquired video game developer Infinity Ward back in 2002 for $5 million dollars after the successful launch of the first Call of Duty game. Several years later, Call of Duty 2 set sail and was a huge success. Rifts between the two companies over intellectual property issues and schedule rushing dilemmas finally came to a head and Infinity Wards' Jason West and Vince Zampella were subsequently fired. However, according to both Jason and Vince, Activision has yet to pay any royalties for Call of Duty 2 they were guaranteed under contractual terms when they agreed to a three year employment extension with Activision back in 2003. In fact, they were fired just before the royalties were due. Activision has recently been sued by the Infinity Ward Employee Group for lost wages worth potentially hundreds of millions of dollars, but now Activision is counter suing and trying to claim that Jason and Vince had deliberately and secretly spoken to top heads of EA and made deals with them behind closed doors.

The problem with the last bit is it happens ALL THE TIME, and talking to someone isn't illegal and I doubt there was any clause or contractual obligation for them to not speak to anyone outside the company. In my opinion, Activision screwed themselves over in the end when they fired Jason and Vince as now they are no longer obligated to wait for their contract to expire to move to EA.

I definitely side with Infinity Ward on this one. I see Activision as the evil empire and I hope they die by the hands of the rebels because any Activision game without Infinity Ward isn't really worth my time and the fact that they banked BILLIONS of dollars off Infinity Wards' meticulous hard work and refuse to pay them out is wrong and makes them that much more evil. Even if Jason and Vince did make secret deals with EA, I can see why they would having to work under these hostile conditions. I probably would too.

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Fuck Activision...nuff said. EA is actually a beter company now.
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While Electronic Arts are no angels (who is?), they are the better company and not so slimy compared to Activision.
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EA and Activision are both shit-companies.
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yeah ea are better than activision
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Activision is a sell out company indeed. But what do you expect when a gaming company is run by businessmen. The top echelon of that company probably have never even played a single video game.

It's really really unfortunate that Blizzard(Vivendi) was bought out by Activision. One of, if not the best, eaten up by a soul eating money machine.

Infinity Ward is basically the same story, but hopefully Blizzard has a happier ending.
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