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Retro Duo on an HDTV?


I hardly come in this forum, but I've been considering purchasing a retro-duo 3rd party system to play old-school NES/SNES games on.

However, I've done some googling and I've not found much on this..... But does anyone have one of these systems (or the original NES/SNES) hooked up to their HDTV at all?

If so, how does it look? I want to get one but I don't wanna hook it up to my HDTV, only to have it look like shit. Plus I don't particularly wanna go out and buy an old tube TV, but I may do it just so I can relive some nostalgia.

Anyway, anyone's help on this or tips or whatever would be great. Thanks!
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I don't know what that system outputs specifically, but I can tell you that I have several non-HD systems hooked up, and I think they look fine. Sure, the pixels may be huge, depending on the size of your screen, but they are sharp as hell and very vibrant, even on just a standard RCA or coaxial hookup.

Now, if you have a TV that only has HDMI inputs, well, you might be fucked. Otherwise, I'm sure it will look fine. In fact, those old games will probably look better than you remember.
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Thanks BadBird, appreciate your input. Thankfully my TV doesn't JUST have HDMI hookups only. So that will work for me!
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Shoes on CHAIRS? Eek.
OK, I'm weird, I know.
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Originally Posted by KcMsterpce View Post
Shoes on CHAIRS? Eek.
OK, I'm weird, I know.
Ha ha. I'd probably just vacuumed.
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