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X Men First Class - 8.5/10
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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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The West Wing: The Complete Fourth Season

I love this series, but yet it’s been months since I finished the third season. Why so long between viewings? At first I thought it was because I have less free time these days, but then I figure that’s my Battlefield 3 addiction talking. Then it dawned on me – I want this shit to last. And its dialogue continues to be music to my ears, so fresh you’d think it was kept freeze-dried in Ziploc. The big event of the season is President Barlet’s re-election campaign in the wake of his gamechanging medical disclosure at the end of S2 and legally questionable military order at the end of S3. Despite those things weighing down his odds, there’s really no suspense, of course, given the show went on to three more seasons. But Sorkin and company knew that and chose not to drag it out any longer than they had to. Other than that, what else to say that I haven’t gushed about before? The performances from all, the aforementioned writing, the addictively entertaining walk-and-talks, and much more. I said I’d give props to a given actor every time I wrote one of these, and this time I have to tip my hat to Allison Janney as quick-witted press secretary C.J. Cregg. She gets a terrific little bottle episode halfway through the season that stands as one of the finer character-centric episodes of the series. Though maybe I should give Rob Lowe a nod as well, with his unceremonious departure from the cast late in the season. And let's not forget about those odd but endearing touches, like Bartlet’s photo op with a goat and the Chief Justice with a penchant for writing opinions in trochaic tetrameter. Yeah, I didn’t know what the fuck that was, either, but that the writers did gives me confidence that they know what they’re talking about amid all the whizz-bang political jargon and strategy. In wonks we trust.

-> 9/10
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Who would have thought that Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted would be my favorite in the series? Certainly not I. It's funny and it's got heart to it, and there are two scene in particular I love, involving bright lights and cool circus acts. I wasn't sure we needed another Madagascar film and this isn't a great movie, but it's still a fun time for kids and adults alike. B

Snow White and the Huntsman has so many opportunities to stand our but it misses on them. There are a few cool bursts of creativity, from the forest troll to the Sanctuary to the fairies, but the film instead prefers to focus on the generic setting and story. The acting is hammy, the camerawork is only okay, and the pacing is terrible. It's a really dull, boring, generic, and uninspired film, but it does have a positive and that's that it made Kristen Stewart look beautiful (she still can't act though). C

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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Piranha 3DD

On one front this film does exactly what it says on the tin, its a creature feature boasting no more than soft porn and mindless killing via nasty sharp toothed fish. If you enjoy this type of film then you will possibly enjoy this 'comedy' horror, there is nothing to explain as its entirely obvious all the way through.

On the other front you could also look at this as yet another completely pointless waste of money and time which offers absolutely zilch originality in any department.

Personally I enjoy creature features but this is pretty much bottom of the barrel stuff that wasn't needed and drags down the genre's good image. Its completely a rehash/rerun of the first film (almost identical for gods sake) that offers terrible effects both real and cgi coupled with lame vanilla 'porn' which only teenagers would find sexy.

Comedy horror? no, not at tall, not even remotely amusing. Although it does amuse me how the makers couldn't decide what they wanted it to be. It does start off as a reasonably sensible creature horror but totally deteriorates into a spoof towards the end, I half expected Leslie Nielsen to pop up, quite bizarre frankly.

Yes it delivers more pointless flesh eating goldfish which some may want but ultimately the film is so badly made, so trashy with dreadful...everything! Quite simply if you wanna see tits n ass just watch some porn, why bother watching this nonsense?
The only half decent thing was Hasselhoff enjoying a laugh at his own expense. The 'Baywatch' spoofing could easily be a fun film on its own, just drop the shitty piranha plot and you could have a winner.
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Primrose Path with Ginger Rogers and Joel McCrea - The story of a young woman who wants to escape the sordid life her family leads and marry a respectable man. Rogers is pretty good as is the rest of her family. McCrea is a little wooden in this one though. The story was also predictable. 5/10

They Came to Cordura with Gary Cooper and Rita Hayworth - This film explores the theme of courage among a small group of cavalry soldiers. The most entertaining person was Hayworth as a prisoner being taken from Mexico. It's nice to see her play against type. The rest of the film wasn't very exciting but she did a nice job. 6/10
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21 Jump Street

Ha, now this is a surprise.

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Originally Posted by Digifruitella View Post
21 Jump Street

Ha, now this is a surprise.

Amen to that. One of the funniest movies I've seen in years!

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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Last night I watched Contact for the first time. There were a few silly elements, but on the whole I found it an extremely engaging work of science fiction that has me pondering issues and the nature of faith vs. science long after I watched it. Jodie Foster is terrific, and some of the f/x work from 1997 is spectacular. A very solid film from Zemeckis and perhaps his last great live action film, as I'm not crazy about Cast Away or What Lies Beneath.
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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted(2012)-6/10
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I watched some of Barbara Stanwyck's lesser known films today.

His Brother's Wife - Robert Taylor did a decent job in this tale of a woman who falls in love with a man heading on a scientific expedition then she marries his brother. The story was a little silly but Stanwyck was able to hold the film together. 6/10

The Woman in Red - A story of two people falling in love in the world of show horses despite many of their acquaintances trying to prevent it. They face a final challenge when a woman falls overboard from a yacht and he is accused of murder. Again Stanwyck is the highlight but this time there are a few solid supporting performances as well. 7/10

Ladies They Talk About - Stanwyck is part of a bank robbing crew and is sent to prison. The other women are very good in this tale but the man who tries to reform prisons and get Stanwyck released wasn't so great. I did like the scene where Stanwyck confronts him after her release though. 7/10
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21 Jump Street

The team of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum shouldn’t work this well, but thank Korean Jesus, I guess some miracles do happen. In a nutshell, think of this as Starsky & Hutch on the remake scale, only with an edgier attitude and all-around funnier dialogue and sight gags, though a lot of it is the awkward geek and oblivious lunkhead chemistry between Hill and Tatum. I haven’t seen the original series, but I doubt it matters, because you can still appreciate a lot of the in-jokes and cameos to get the gist of where the writers came from. This was written for people and by people who disdain remakes in general – Ice Cube’s hilariously meta speech about the revival of the Jump Street initiative is a case in point - but still have a soft spot for the ‘80’s and their archetypes. This easily ranks as my favorite comedy of 2012 thus far, slightly surpassing The Dictator for the sheer amount of laughs it was able to yank outta me. Highlights were the “imminent explosion” running gag, the guys tripping balls on the uber-drug, and Hill surprisingly revealing that he’s got a chance for a decent Broadway career if he wants one.

-> 8/10
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The Dark Knight

He's just so fucking good! 10/10

Being Elmo

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Demolition High (1996)

OK so we all know of the old adage 'Die Hard on a...' well this would come under the term 'Die Hard in a school' literately.

Fun to watch but never a great actor Corey Haim leads this 'Toy Soldiers' rip off as a group of terrorists take over a rather sparsely populated high school and its up to him to save the day.

The whole thing is really very cheap and dumb but somehow enjoyable. The big bad villain is played by Jeff Kober and he growls nicely into the camera as he threatens the students. His accomplices are all faceless with no background development accept for one female who seems to be there simply for sex appeal and the fetish of watching a woman kill faceless policemen and security guards. She was obviously the directors fave thing as she adorns the films poster for some reason.

Haim even has his own white vest in some sequences in a cute homage (?) to the film they are ripping off haha. Loving the cheapness, loving Haim's huge ridiculous earring (what is that about?) and loving the total predictability of the happy ending. Had this been made in the 80's it could of been a trashy cult.

Demolition University (1997)

OK so the first film was 'Die Hard' in a school so one must assume this second film, going by the title, is 'Die Hard' in a university?. No your wrong aha! its not that obvious a rip off all over again but done even worse, its actually got nothing to do with any university so the title makes no sense what so ever hehe bet you didn't see that coming eh.

So Haim is back, how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? beats me. If you liked the first then your in for a treat because this sequel is exactly the same as the first accept its set in a power plant and errr that's it.

So yes I'm not joking its exactly the same. The plot follows the same route, has the same characters all the way through including another sexy femme fatale that kills faceless security guards and ends as you have previously seen also. So not much to say really, its not as good as the first, the school setting was more fun, the bad guys were more fun in the first and this just seems way too overblown with threats of chemical warfare and blowing up power plants etc...although the first wasn't exactly sensible.

Haim's earring is smaller but his quirky cheeky attitude is still likeable which helps the film. Its still cheap and nasty but it does have some charm, just not as much as the original film.
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I watched Mean Streets and the Color of Money today. Both are great films directed by Martin Scoresse. 10/10 for each. Color of Money makes me miss Pual Newman more he was such a great actor.
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John Carter

Surprised how much I liked this, much better than Avatar. 8.5/10

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The Royal Tenenbaums - 7/10

Haven't seen this in over ten years and I surprisingly still feel the same way about it. After Rushmore was released I (along with many others) eagerly awaited Anderson's next opus. The trailers that debuted online (which I viewed courtesy of this site) were fantastic, eschewing the nerdy/geek and I suppose "hipster" vibe of the day (I wonder how much influence Anderson's films had on this "hipster" generation). I can't begin to explain my utter disappointment that this did not live up to the edgy wunderkind that is Rushmore (still my favorite Anderson flick to this day). None of the characters broke out of the one-dimensional mold so clearly laid out in the first 15 minutes of the film. Instead of taking us on an engrossing journey with the Tenenbaums, we hardly learn much more about them. Anderson tries to juggle too many characters and they unfortunately get lost in the shallow waters of their so-called "story," or framework to puppeteer quirky characters. I do not understand how this film can be so dearly loved by many. Although it is definitely his highest grossing and most mainstream to date, and yet not nearly his funniest. Episodic and meandering, little dramatic pull exists within this rich and spoiled family. A fun, notable performance by Gene Hackman cannot save his "sentence." A very solid example of "all dressed up with nowhere to go". Still a compelling watch overall; most of my snarkiness towards it stems from disappointment.

Bottle Rocket - 5/10

Anderson's weakest film I wisely put off for many years. Quite the opposite from his later films in terms of character intelligence. Their increasing stupidity from scene to scene was not endearing but maddening. Dignan just needed to go, and I finally decided that I dislike Owen Wilson very much. He is just not funny.

Watching both of these films helped affirm how original and wonderful Moonrise Kingdom really is. Fantastic work on that one Anderson.

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The Muppets
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This would be great for kids. As a family film I think it works.
Idiotic and atrocious for the most part; and worst of all, annoying.
Every once in a while I would enjoy the look of the movie; Tarsem certainly has an "eye" for composition, and his fingerprint is all over every single one of his movies. The thing is, I've started to grow a little tired of his look, and wish there would be more substance to the shallow stories he tells. I haven't gotten past about 20 minutes of IMMORTALS and I've been putting it off for months.

Much of MIRROR MIRROR is pretty, but almost as much of that is an attempt at opulence mired (see what I did there?) by an obvious lack of budget for the vision he wishes to attain. Also, much of the costume and set design is grating to my eyes and just looks fucking hideous when it's supposed to be beautiful. I especially hate every stitch and eyesore from the stilt-people. Oh God. Or the royal people at the wedding with their super-long orange eyelashes and shit; it's like FIFTH ELEMENT meets MARIE ANTOINETTE meets some crappy budgeted BBC period-piece stuck in the greenscreen world of DR. WHO.
Another issue I have with all this visual FX extravaganza is that he spends TOO MUCH TIME on a certain scene or set piece, as if Tarsem's afraid to go back to actual storytelling while also wanting to flaunt and expose his artistic vision for as long as possible, to make sure the audience can soak it all in.

None of the performances particularly stand out, either, but I don't blame the actors for that.

Oh, one thing's for sure: Snow White herself is a fucking FOX! I will keep my eyes open for more of her. Smokin'.

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It's kind of a funny story 7/10
It is just a nice little movie with a good lesson. The film stars a new comer, Zach Galifanakis (sp) and Emma Roberts. I liked it for the most part, and even related to it a little bit. Anyone who is from age 15 to 22 could really relate to this film. It should have been better though with the cast they had in place. Nice Indie flick is all it is really.
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Piranha 3DD lacks the campy charm that its predecessor had. Everything about this movie is bland; the gore is bland, the nudity is bland (when it happens every five seconds it loses any effect, especially when half of the boobs are fake), and the film mostly just relies on cameos. There are some good parts involving Ving Rhames and David Hasselhoff, but most of the film is dull and boring. (John Gulager, 2012, 83 min., R) D+

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is just as entertaining as when I first saw it. Everything about this film is just so cool, from the action to the effects to the characters to the comedy. It's all brilliant, although people who aren't geeks may not take to this as well as I have. (Edgar Wright, 2010, 113 min., PG-13) A

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America is stupid and childish, but damn is it funny. Most of the humor is just the two morons laughing at sexual undertones and double entendre, but you'll be laughing along with them the whole time. Mike Judge strikes again. (Mike Judge, 1996, 81 min., PG-13) B+

eXistenZ had promise in the beginning, but it ended up being pretty dull and boring. Cronenberg seems to be hit and miss, and unfortunately this is a miss. (David Cronenberg, 1999, 97 min., R) C
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In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds (2011)

A seriously grand epic with outstanding special effects and stoic acting all round...is what I might be saying if this were a serious attempt at a fantasy film, but its a Boll film.

How does he do it anyway? how does he keep getting major stars to act in his films despite the fact EVERYONE knows he makes crapola, its common knowledge. I realise money must have a say but even that would have to be impressive for some of the folk he manages to get. Maybe the stars think his work will become cults in time? or maybe Boll is involved with the mob and blackmails them into it hehe*'gulp!'

So at last we have a sequel to the original Boll fantasy epic, not connected in anyway to the original, a different beast this time. When I say different I mean just more rips from other well known fantasy films, you know the films. Not actually sure if its suppose to be set in another dimension or the past or another world etc...
To be honest it doesn't actually look too bad, the location work in the 'fantasy zone' is decent and shows some nice gloomy overcast scenery with lakes mountains, forests etc...courtesy of Canada.

That's pretty much all I can say accept for some nice costumes, although it looks like the wardrobe ideas came from the videogame 'Assassin's Creed'. Everything else is obviously rather poor, plot is childishly basic with many many problems. The best revolving around the fact no one from the 'fantasy zone' is bothered by simple advances in human technology like Dolph's clothes, boots, shoe laces, hair cut etc...simple things they would be amazed by I'm sure.

Its not the worst film I've ever seen but there are so many basic issues and inconsistencies, like Dolph being able to defeat several trained martial arts fighters at once in the present day but unable to defeat anyone in the 'fantasy zone', why? if he's such a badass fighter. There is also a dragon towards the finale, it isn't too bad in spots but about as good as a BBC documentary for the rest of the time.

I suppose you can't look too deep into a Boll film, we all know what to expect. Its just a shame as I think if he just tried a little harder he could make some half decent films. Just don't be drawn in by the films poster as its way way more exciting than the actual film.
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Prometheus - 9.5/10
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Watched a lot of films today

Major League: 7.5/10 All funny, always entertaining what a great baseball film. Charlie Sheen was the highlight of the film with his performance. He was a big movie star in the 80s, if he had stayed cleaned he would have been in the 90s and 2000s.

Full Metal Jacket: 9/10 Stanley Kubrick shows again why he is the greatest director who ever lived. He just made movies like no other and was so much better than everyone else. Full Metal Jacket may not be the best war film ever over films like Glory, Platoon and Saving Private Ryan. But he was able t get some great performances and get his message across.

Your Highness: 1/10 James Franco and Natalie Portman are two of my favorite actors and actresses and the two best of our generation. Danny McBride is funny and I am also a fan of Zooey Deschanel. Which makes me hate that they would be apart of such crap. Nothing works in this movie. There were like only three times I actually laughed. Dialogue was horrible and it was just awful.

Midnight Run: 10/10 I really fell in love with this movie. Robert Deniro showed once again why he will be remembered as one of the top five greatest actors of all time. He took characters that he would normal play in tougher films, and took it into this comedy and made it work so well. Plot was great aswell and a nice ending to boot.

Big Fish: 8/10 I couldn't believe this was a Tim Burton movie until a few minutes in. Then I was like "now this makes sense." Burton should really make more films like this. It is such a charming movie.

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The Deep Blue Sea - 8/10

One of the best-looking movies this year.

This is Not a Film - 8/10

And one of the most important films this year. This has to be seen by anyone who considers themselves a serious fan of film.
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Moonrise Kingdom

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Originally Posted by someguy View Post

This is Not a Film - 8/10

This has to be seen by anyone who considers themselves a serious fan of film.
But- But- That is not a FILM!! It ADMITS it!!


Imaginative, heartfelt and visually sumptuous, but there’s still something hollow about it that I can’t quite put my finger on, and it prevents me from getting fully behind it. Maybe sugarcoated Scorsese will just never appeal to me the way bloodsoaked Scorsese does. In any event, it’s still an entertaining romp in Golden Age Paris, Scorsese’s love letter to the forebears of cinema that serves as a banquet of good cheer and childlike optimism that only hints at better things to come for the young Asa Butterfield’s blossoming lead actor career, which The Boy In The Striped Pajamas kicked off in the most heartwrenching way possible. It’s kinda nice that he gets a feel-good flick to headline this time. He’s supported by a healthy crop of A-list talent that keeps the whimsical story wholly watchable, Ben Kingsley and Chloe Grace Moretz being highlights. Sacha Baron Cohen provides the expected comic relief, even when his character’s subplot with Emily Mortimer seemed extraneous at best. But all in all, it does most everything right, yet still fails to impress as anything more than a solid family-friendly holiday movie, nothing truly indicative of a masterpiece from a master filmmaker.

-> 7/10
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Another Earth (8/10)
Old 06-15-2012, 09:42 PM
Trooper Hook with Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea - A western in which a white woman is rescued from Indians and the chief wants the child back. It sounds pretty simple but this was actually an intelligent film with Stanwyck giving a great performance. Everything is not as simple as it seems with consequences resulting from every action. 8/10

The Girl He Left Behind with Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood - A young man is drafted into the army after flunking out of school and is not happy about it. The relationship between the two leads didn't feel real at all but the scenes at the army base were very good and often funny and dramatic at the same time. 7/10
Old 06-15-2012, 11:48 PM

Pretty fun, albeit a little more over the top than I'd prefer, but I don't blame the movie for that. The only thing I really didn't go for was the whole "crane fight" sequence.
Otherwise, a solid adventure. If Indiana Jones IV was like this, I wouldn't have complained so much.
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I Saw the Devil (10/10)
Old 06-16-2012, 06:47 PM
just watched The Prestige for the first time and enjoyed it quite a bit. Another good one from Nolan. 8/10
Old 06-16-2012, 09:27 PM
New York New York - Definitely a different choice for Scorsese and DeNiro. I've never really been a fan of Liza Minnelli but she does a pretty good job as well. 8/10

Our Idiot Brother - Paul Rudd was really funny in this and I especially liked Elizabeth Banks out of all the female roles. The ending did seem a little forced when everything suddenly works itself out but otherwise I liked the story. 7/10
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War of the Dead (LT, USA, IT, 2011)

Sooooo I don't think I need to explain in too much detail what this is all about do I? Well just quickly...evil Nazi's experiment on captured soldiers during WWII to turn dead soldiers into living ones again (original huh). Some time later a platoon of elite Finnish and US troops (why elite?) are looking for a secret bunker in the same area all the nasty experiments happened (convenient huh). It turns out they find the bunker where all the nasty experiments happened and low and behold we have all out zombie fisticuffs.

So not the most original plot ever devised, in fact its so unoriginal its completely ridiculous that anyone even suggested making it. I can't compare it to famous zombie fetishist Romero, this film is more intone with more recent zombie films where the action is very action packed. The zombies are fast running, leaping, fighting, airborne, tree climbing and quiet intelligent for the living dead, they're almost like aliens out of Jim Cameron's flick.

You could actually say this film has hints of 'Aliens' in it. The score, the way it progresses, the gloomy dimly lit locations, how the zombies pop up out of any crack or crevice and obviously coupled with the military aspect. The problem is the film is just too predictable and dull, there isn't really any tension because you know what's gonna happen...just about. What's really dumb (apart from the sequence where zombies attack from the treetops) is the platoon is pretty much wiped out after about 30mins into the film leaving about four men and very little 'goodie killing'. They killed almost all the good guys way too quickly but still manage to get a helpless woman involved, can't do without that.

The WWII aspect is your typical gruff stuff with butch US troops thinking bullet wounds are merely flesh wounds you just walk off and the Finnish troops being errr...not so butch. The plot isn't really explained too well, all we know is the Nazi's have been experimenting on soldiers 'Wolfenstein' wise and that's it. I guess we don't need anymore, dunno what that little metal clockwork gadget was suppose to be, like something from a Del Toro film. Another big mistake was not really exploring any of the characters, there are lots of troops but they're all faceless bullet fodder I'm afraid, you won't care about any of them.

On the plus side the film looks really good it has to be said. You would think this is a major Hollywood action film with the excellently lit sets and locations, great camera work, good score and well choreographed action sequences, hardly a B-movie in any sense.

If you like a constant stream of zombies attacking a tiny group of people that are winning consistently never running out of ammo then this could be for you. Not much room to be breathe as the film whips along pretty fast, not much gore or blood either surprisingly. Its almost a good film but they go over the top with silly moments (these are zombies not vampires or werewolves), also the uber baddie zombie seems way too clever.

Tries a bit too hard to be a cool action flick also, too many laugh out loud moments with close ups on hero faces as they try for cool memorable lines...'I ain't dead yet'. Apart from all that its not too bad but you've basically seen it all already in another film.

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Originally Posted by Jig Saw 123 View Post


And is Iron Sky a porno?
LOL u WISH it was a porno but alas no it is not...like i said..Iron Sky is 1st and foremost a political satire movie making fun of the US Goverment, the UN and the Nazi like a previous poster said. You really should give it a watch though i know you won't be disappoint especially toward the climax of the film...in some cases when it comes to the fx and such you will be reminded of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow but you gotta remember like the previous poster that watched the same movie as me said..this was a $12million production movie so the fx will be a bit cheesy and a bit obvious but the story itself makes up for it a lot
Old 06-17-2012, 03:16 AM


Prometheus what to say about this film? In scope it was really well done. However the producers and director want to say that its NOT a prequel to Alien, considering what happen at the end it is. This film answer a lot of question that was never explain in the Aliens film and I think by actually making this film and answering the question of where the Alien came from..it loses that "special" something that made Alien and Aliens so great. Maybe someone here on this board will know what I mean. Its like the writers knew that at some point us the movie-goers were going to go "what?" and they go and answer THAT question. What I want to know is what is the whole point of Charlize(?) Theron character is? I mean i can understand Shaw character and it was like she almost didn't have anything to do other than to stand pretty in a tight bodysuite; maybe to compete with skin-tight bodysuit Black Widow(Scarlette Johansson?) I think the one who TRULY stole the whole show and the movie overall was Michael Fassbender as David. From the very first introduction playing around trying to understand humans and at the same time having a secret agenda...priceless..that agenda is slowly peel away with each act. You actually understand WHY the Weyland Corporation is so obsess with the Aliens all throughout the whole Qua-trilogy. Visually..this movie is something else. I knew Guy Pierce was in this movie but I didn't even know it was HIM throughout the whole movie..i actually though he play one of the pilots. Unfortunately I feel this movie will end up the way of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo where nobody saw it during the x-mas holidays. I'm pretty sure it will coupe up what it cost but i don't know..this is one of those hit and misses and the hit are probably gonna come from those die-hard "Aliens" fans of the film. I'll probably have to watch it again to really "feel" the movie.
Old 06-17-2012, 03:46 AM
Do the right thing: 10/10. What a great movie. Spike Lee shows why he is the most prolific black director out there. Great lesson, great acting.

The Kids are alright: 10/10. Just a lovely film to watch. Conflicting story line. Julianne Moore's performance should have been the one nominated for an academy award IMO.

O' Brother Where art thou? 8/10. Second time viewing this. And I loved watching it again. The Coen brothers are so awesome. George Clooney is the man.

The Prestige: 10/10. Man I have heard this film might have been Nolan's best film. I have seen the Batman films he directed and Inception and I was convinced it was Inception. Well the Prestige is his best work. Amazing acting from Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as always the two best character acts in the business. They portray obsession on a whole new level.
Old 06-17-2012, 06:32 AM

This was a better movie than the first, with fun CGI. It was like watching a GOD OF WAR film version, and without the confusing ambiguity of getting stuck for 20 minutes trying to figure out the next objective and move on!

Liam Neeson and Ralph Feinnes were great in it, too.


I hadn't seen this since maybe 1995, and it's just as great as it was then. My only major complaints lies in the extensive 20 minute "liquidation" scene. It's funny that the screenplay lists it as a one page sequence; and it should have been. It was an extensive sequence of events which did NOTHING to move the story forward, and in many ways it panders to the audience and forces one to "think of the horror" of such events. The problem is that by forcing me to sit through a sequence of events which do not move the story forward, I'm also forced to realize how insulting it is to the director to think that we wouldn't be emotionally invested enough in the story itself.
Other than that - the the horribly pretentious "girl in the red dress" - I don't even want to think about it - I have little to complain about with this movie.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were great in it, too.
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