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Ice Age: Continental Drift

The final installment? well maybe that would be best as this fourth film is somewhat lean on ideas and humour I'm afraid.

The plot is getting a bit thin on the ground now, how can these guys have all this bad luck haha. The land on Earth is splitting up which by a series of unfortunate events separates the herd. Classic characters 'Manny' 'Sid' and 'Diego' are lost at sea, their mission (which they have no choice but to accept) is to get back to terra firma and find 'Ellie' and 'Peaches' (plus everyone else).

Following on from the previous films the herd now consists of the usual members but now includes the young teen 'Peaches'. As expected the story does revolve around this new character slightly but not entirely thankfully. As also expected this character is pretty annoying and uninteresting as a teen. Unfortunately we also have to put up with other lame teen characters who all speak like either hip hop artists or spoilt princesses in that typical American youth way. Absolutely hate when characters are realised this way as I'm sure other non American's do too.

On a little side note, why are all young characters in CGI films voiced by teen pop stars?. I realise they may be popular with the kiddies but surely there are better young actors that can used? young actors that can actually voice act properly that is.

Blue Sky also deemed it fit to include another terrible character this time in the form of 'Sid's' granny. Yep it really has come down to this, we now gotta put up with ancient relatives. Might be me but I didn't find this inclusion remotely amusing or interesting or useful even, what was the point? A poor stereotype and completely unfunny.

Of course its predictable but the plot just feels like the same stuff yet again. The inclusion of the pirate crew and their iceberg 'ship' is the only reasonable new offering that is worth some praise. A raggamuffin bunch of scurvy lily-livered misfits that look shabby and seedy much like the characters from 'Rango'. Their captain is the large ape 'Captain Gutt' which again does seem to be another rip from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise (much like 'Buck' from the last film).

To me he comes across as a 'Captain Barbossa' copy to be honest, the deep voiced well spoken cad who doesn't really care about his own men. Not much humour given from this guy either, he's fun to watch but much more eerie looking for the kids if you ask me, a touch intimidating maybe?. Generally speaking this film does basically take a page out of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' book, no real originality or creativity from Blue Sky.

Lastly poor old 'Scrat' has finally run out of steam and ideas it seems here. The subplot is rather uneventful for him this time, I didn't really like how he is the cause of the continental breakup and I really didn't like the Atlantis idea for him right at the end. The concepts for him are getting too far fetched really, it should be simpler, but hey this is just my opinion.

I think this film goes back towards being a full on kids film again, just like the second. I really can't see how adults will enjoy it much with the inclusion of yet more small furry mammals, more love interests, teenage mammals and all the regular cliched visual gags that have been used before.
I don't wanna be hard on the film as its a great little franchise that has always looked good including this one but this really feels like a rehash with more average characters stuck in to try and garner more kiddie support. The female version of 'Diego' is another obvious lure, another way to try and stretch out the franchise for more possible sequels, maybe they will have kids too *groan*.

There isn't really too much outstanding happening here that's the problem, nothing I can look and say wow! about. The pirate crew maybe complete rips from else where but they are easily the best thing going despite not actually being that entertaining. The heroes are tired and nowhere near as fun, even good old 'Sid' has very little to say or do this time round.

Personally I think this has gone as far as it can go now. Most prehistoric creatures have been utilized and we've seen the ice age, the great thaw, the dinosaur age and now the continental breakup. Where or what else is there to do before these guys should really be dying out?.
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Batman Begins(2005)-8/10
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The Lorax

Based extremely loosely on the Dr Seuss story of the same name and as usual with Hollywood they have fudged it all up.

The story is an environmental one, an eco plot if you will about the effects of cutting down trees. Put simply (just like the original book did) there is a small town which is gloomy and polluted. The reason for this is because all the trees were chopped down to mass market 'thneeds' by the one they call 'Once-ler'. 'Once-ler' tells a young boy the whole story of how he destroyed all the trees to create his 'thneeds' and ignored the advice and warnings of the 'Lorax', guardian of the trees.

'Once-ler' regrets his actions and gives the young boy a tree seed to plant so that trees may return as well as the 'Lorax'. There is a bit more to it but that is the basic premise.

So what does Hollywood do you ask? well do you really need to ask? I'm sure you can all guess but I'll tell you anyway. Hollywood strips the story down and refits it with tripe filler and made up characters to fill out a decent length run time. Throw in some ridiculous vehicle chase sequences, cliched slapstick and jokes and some hideous musical numbers and there you have it, typical Hollywood trash.

Now I will admit the film looks lovely, full of bright bold colours, its cheerful, light hearted and with some nice CGI animation. BUT the lesson has been diluted and cluttered by fancy ass visuals and 'action' sequences. Yes there is still a nice message within the film, the finale shows what can be done if they jettison the crapola but that's only about a 3min sequence out of an entire film!.

I simply cannot understand why they thought to create new characters!. The new character 'Aloysius O'Hare' is REALLY annoying too, he just looks annoying, making him short...yeah that's not funny.
I realise they needed to fill the story to reach a reasonable film run time but if that can't be done then don't do it. Maybe try another route, don't just make a whole load of stuff up!. 'Once-ler' was suppose to be faceless, a boogieman like equivalent of modern faceless companies/corporations that destroy nature for their gain. You can't uproot that, that's the whole point!.

The world where this takes place isn't named, plus it isn't some bright, colourful, Willy Wonka type place with fancy technology!!. I see what they did with that sure but why?? stop changing the whole premise!!, it all looks like something outta 'Despicable Me'.

Of course we don't know how Seuss would take to it but I'm pretty sure the original fable wasn't meant to include futuristic vehicles, buildings, 'Once-ler' playing guitar, airship things and some god awful songs including the now obligatory hip hop pop song for the final credits which happens for almost all kids films now (more manufactured faceless nobodies singing forgettable songs that will fade into obscurity as quickly as they appeared).

I like the fact that Hollywood has tried to put across a good message...of sorts. I'm sure they are more concerned about another franchise to milk that will rake in the moolah but the initial positive effort is there. If only this could of been done more down to earth, with a little more sense towards the source material and maybe in a different media (stop motion would have been nice, Selick directing perhaps?).

At the end of the day its merely been mutated into another flashy, churned out, in your face CGI flick (in 3D -_-). How ironic, a polluted vision of Dr Seuss' simple little tale, such a shame.

Ignore this, stick to the original book or 1972 TV special, don't deny your children these.
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What... the fuck?!
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Originally Posted by KcMsterpce View Post

What... the fuck?!
You were one cunt hair from completely hating it, what happened? what's with the one.
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Brokeback Mountain (8/10)
Super Size Me (7/10)
Due Date (5/10)
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What... the fuck?!
Originally Posted by Digifruitella View Post
You were one cunt hair from completely hating it, what happened? what's with the one.
Haha. I don't give out 0/10. One movie gets that distinktion - MEET THE SPARTANS.
I barely ever give a 1/10. THE LOVE GURU should be happy for such an accomplishment!
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Chronicle - 8.5/10
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Shutter (Thai version)

I hadn't been creeped out by a horror movie in a while

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Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012)-5/10
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Fantastic Voyage - The movie was pretty cheesy even considering when it was made. There were some flaws in the science as well but it still managed to be a fun movie. 6/10

The Skin I Live In - Antonio Banderas was really creepy in this. That is a really disturbing way to get revenge on someone. I did like the lead actress a lot. She probably gave the best performance and she got naked a lot. 8/10
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Entertaining but predictably ludicrous popcorn thriller, what amounts to Die Hard In Space, starring the multi-talented Guy Pearce as one of the most charismatic Ď80ís throwbacks since Stathamís Transporter. Here the gimmick sees Pearce, cartoon character though he may be, up against an army of vicious convicts on an orbital penal colony, armed with nothing but a few guns and a few dozen choice quips. But theyíre great lines, for what itís worth (ďJesus! I thought you were a DemocratÖĒ). Itís standard stuff, though some of the most promising action sequences that shouldíve been amazing fall disappointingly flat, mostly due to bad effects. Take the highway chase, which has some of the worst digital effects I can remember seeing since, hell, and I hate to say it, Starship Troopers 3. And it was going so well till then. In the end, I want to like it more than I did, but on the upside thereís still potential here for Pearce to reprise the role of Snow for however many sequels theyíre willing to churn out. Him and Peter Stormare would make a great begrudging team.

-> 6/10
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This movie i think had sooo much potential to be as good as the original but in some places it just fell flat..especially with the f/x. I know its a STD budget but the f/x is something left to be desired. The acting was ok and the storyline was another ok but i think the director try too hard to emulate the feeling of the first one.
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An uncertainty arose following the completion of The Dark Knight for Nolan. How to follow the great Dark Knight when the most important chess piece of the film, Ledgerís Joker, tragically lost his life due to an accidental overdose. How should Nolan follow through with the conclusion of Batmanís story when the ultimate villain could not be used? The result comes in the form of The Dark Knight Rises, a conclusion to Batmanís journey, allowing Nolan to meld the comic book tone of Begins, with the more grounded plot of The Dark Knight. Itís not a film that rises (no pun intended) to the heights of The Dark Knight, though itís a tad unfair to even compare the two. What it is, though, is a fairly fitting conclusion to Nolanís vision of Batman.

Nolan certainly makes big decisions towards the final end game of Bruce Wayne. The retirement of Batman and Gotham City being free of crime due to the events following The Dark Knight are big decisions, but Nolan makes it work within the context of his trilogy. Thatís what needs to be said, itís Nolanís trilogy of how he envisioned Batman, and each film iteration has itís own unique spin of the world that surrounds it. Thatís not to say he doesnít respect the comic book source material, but he tries to make it work in his own way, making way for certain sacrifices of what many comic book fans expect. For Rises, the subtle changes of the source material are mostly for the better, providing the final course and challenge that Bruce must face as he decides to retake his mantle as protector of Gotham City.

If there is something grand to be said, itís that this is truly Christian Baleís show. While he definitely shared a piece of The Dark Knight with Ledger, Eckhart, and Oldman; Rises is the showcase for allowing Bruceís storyline to come full circle, and Bale handles the out-of-the game Bruce Wayne with the right amount of stubbornness, regret, and resiliency. Everything is on the line for Bruce in this film, whether itís his straining relationship with Michael Caineís Alfred and Gary Oldmanís Commissioner Gordon, or his battle of wits and strength with the villainous Bane (Tom Hardy), a hulking brute that brings his army to go to war on Gotham City, as well as the legendary Batman.

Hardyís Bane is not like Ledgerís Joker, heís a horse of a completely color. While The Joker would jump through any plans to create chaos, Bane is cold and calculated, with one goal in mind and the means to make sure it is done. It also doesnít hurt that Hardy created himself to be a hulking brute, allowing his posture and piercing eyes to say all that needs to be said, that he will tear you apart. Hardy even utilizes a Bond-like villain voice to bring some elegance to the monster, and it certainly works.

In the more ďmiddle ground/wild cardĒ of Batmanís adversaries is Anne Hathawayís Selina Kyle/Catwoman. While there are times where the character is underutilized, mostly in the middle act, Hathaway certainly understands the character and plays her with relish. Sheís truly a femme fatale, and her developing relationship with Baleís Bruce Wayne is one of the highlights of the film. They play off each other so well, and fans of the relationship in the comic will probably be pleased with what they get in Nolanís version.

The remaining supporting cast does what they do well, even if the script doesnít really do them any favors in certain situations. Joseph Gordon Levitt is solid as John Blake, a cop that wants the truth of the events that ended The Dark Knight, as well as wondering where the Batman truly went. Marion Cotillard makes the most of her character, Miranda Tate, a businesswoman that wants to help the floundering Wayne Enterprises.

Thatís what the most glaring point of Rises, the script can ease into Bruceís concluding story, but then goes into different tangents involving political allegories that really donít add up in the long run of the film. There was that same allegorical themes in The Dark Knight, but they played a part in the story for the long run. In Rises, they just seemed to be there because Nolan wanted to make some sort of statement, and it sticks out like a ore thumb. Not to say that those moments completely derail the film, but they just feel awkward in a film that already has a lot on its plate.

But, while there are some plot inconsistencies, Nolan still is willing to make another epic event, and Rises is up for the challenge. The first act is jam packed with gunfights, fisticuffs, and a plot that doesnít seem to feel like taking a breather. Itís pretty spectacular how much Nolan evolved toward directing action sequence, with one fight scene in the middle of the film that just about steals the show. Wally Pfster is once again behind the cinematographer, and he shoots a gorgeous Gotham city, utilizing a snowy, sunny landscape over the more typical nighttime scenes that the Batman films are used to. But, letís certainly not forget Hans Zimmer, creating yet another among soundtrack that pulses and beats with a dark rhythm. Itís these three ingredients that made the Batman trilogy what it is, and Rises is all the better for it.

Much like Bruce Wayne, Nolan has created his own legacy in the world of cinema and comic book films. He has been able to create three films that were his own vision, taking his time to make sure that the vision never felt rushed or inauthentic. They were films that respected his comic book lore, but also wanted something to say about the current world we live in. The actors knew this, as did Nolanís collaborators, which made the films feel greater than the movie going audiences expected.

Thank you Nolan for these films, and for bringing quality in a summer movie season that, for the most part, lacks that effort.

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"The Dark Knight Rises" earned $160.9 million over the weekend. Which make it the biggest 2-D opening ever.Warner Bros. said that the final installment of director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy earned $160,887,295.
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The Dark Knight(2008)-9/10
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I don't get how some films (mainly comedy) at times seem to take an old actor/franchise and completely flaunt him/it like product placement. In this film for some reason Seth MacFarlane has used Sam L. Jones of 'Flash Gordon' fame in what seems to be some kind of agreement to try and reboot his career. Well that's how it comes across to me anyway haha no other reason for him being there really. I'm guessing its in a typical 'Family Guy' style just to have random off the wall moments with cameos.

So Seth MacFarlane breaks into the movies with this 'Family Guy' orientated comedy. I say 'Family Guy' orientated because even though it has nothing to do with 'FG' the main character of 'Ted' sounds just like 'Brian' and 'Peter' from 'FG' (yes I know that's how MacFarlane sounds in reality), he wrote it with 'FG' writers, plus he utilizes 'FG' voice actress Mila Kunis also, so its home from home in a way.

I expected this to be totally downright funny and hilariously filthy, it was but not as much as I hoped for. Yes there are some grand bits of dialog that sound so cynical and sharp with MacFarlane's well spoken tones but they are few and far between.

Even the swearing isn't as cool as you would think. At first you think its gonna be awesome to finally here 'Peter' and 'Brian Griffin' use bad profanity but it wains fast. At first its highly effective but as time passes the novelty where's off. Its like a sexy sultry woman dressed in a tight skimpy revealing outfit, its amazingly hot and never fails to keep you excited. Then you see the same woman completely naked...straight away she no longer becomes as hot because all the mystery is gone, she's right there in the buff with nothing left to hide.

So in other words when we see 'Family Guy' without swearing its actually more effective than if it had swearing, because it makes you use your imagination and I think comes across funnier. It works for this film (at times) I'm just saying hearing MacFarlane swear wasn't as funny as I thought it would be (can anyone beat 'Cartman' in those stakes?). Hope you all get what I'm saying hehe.

As for the rest its kinda average really, nothing much happens in the film until the finale which does get a whole lot better. Kudos to Giovanni Ribisi with his excellent 'Norman Bates' style father character, easily the best thing to watch towards the end. The sequence where he is dancing in front of the TV to 'Tiffany' is creepy as fudge plus hilarious at the same time...yet I'm not sure why lol! I think it was the pelvic moves.

There are a few weirdly eerie moments in the film, probably down to the fact its based around a living teddy bear. The point where 'Ted' fights Wahlberg is kinda creepy in a disturbing horror type way. I reckon its suppose to be a take on the sequences in 'Family Guy' where 'Peter' fights that large chicken character (seems to use the same sound effects too). Was it suppose to be funny?!. Seeing 'Ted' having sex, being with hookers and dating hot women is also rather odd, why would a real woman wanna go out with a teddy bear?? Yes its a fantasy film but really?

Other than that it does satisfy to a degree, its just not as good as it could of been methinks. Ending was sweet but totally predictable lame fluff, Wahlberg was miscast in my opinion (the guy can't act, why does no one see this?!) and clearly MacFarlane has a 'Flash Gordon' fetish. He stuck Sam Jones in there why again? (looks good for his age though, can't deny that).

Sorry for comparing 'Family Guy' to this so much, hard not to really...oh and for typing it a alot too
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Oliver Stoneís Savages is a film that believes that it is such a cool, hip, and bloody crime film that thereís just one problem, almost everybody elseís dedication to the film. Sure, the film looks nice, but the story, actors, and directing to a point just feels hollow and uninspired, resulting to the fact that it really doesnít matter what the hell happens at the closing moments because this film just doesnít give a damn. Now, Iíve expressed my dislike to many films, most recently Ridley Scottís Prometheus, but thereís at least some semblance of potential that the cast and crew are trying to create with this film. Savages feels like a ďpaycheckĒ film, where everybody showed up, put the least amount of effort into the film, and left with the faintest recollection that they just made a movie.

The story sounds like something with potential, two well financed pot dealers (Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch) cross the ruthless drug cartel, resulting in their shared girlfriend (Blake Lively) being kidnapped. Thatís a pretty zany and off-the-wall crime story, but you wouldnít now that with the actors and direction completely on autopilot. Kitsch and Johnson barely make a stamp on their characters, and all that youíll come away from the flick is ďThat one dude is the violent army dude, while the other dude was the Buddhist oneĒ. They have little to no charisma, leading to protagonists that some viewers will care less whether they make it to the end. Blake Lively is vapor in this film, a girlfriend with a personality of a peanut. There could be the argument that sheís stoned all the time, but a little personality would go a long way, especially since sheís also the narrator.

The rest of the cast make due with what they have, but itís not especially memorable either. Benicio Del Toro plays the charismatic side villain Lado, pulling strings in the background to make sure he gets out on top. Del Toro gives it his all, but the majority of the film is such a bore that his performance feels lost in the shuffle. Selma Hayek has energy as the main cartel boss but sheís saddled with the lifeless Lively in certain scenes, so she makes an attempt to make every effort that the viewer wonít fall asleep. John Travolta plays a corrupt DEA agent that plays both sides of the cartel and Kitsch/Johnsonís characters, and he makes due with what heís expected. The one time where the film actually comes to some sort of life is when Del Toro and Travoltaís characters meet for the first time, and you sort of wish the film was focused on them.

If youíve seen an Oliver Stone film, especially more trippy ones, heís pretty much going back to his directing playbook on this one. All flash and fade in-outs; itís typical Stone direction that tries to make the film feel more interesting than it really is. Unfortunately, the main cast members, as well as the pacing in the middle act, make the earthly feeling of the cinematography look like a self-help video to make you pass out.

Thereís a lot of vitriol and hatred for Savages, and I sincerely apologize. I donít go out of my way to outright hate a film. But, a movie of this lazy caliber is pretty inexcusable, with half of the cast not really giving a crap, and a story that should feel more exciting than it really is. If anything could come out positive with a viewing of this film, itís a probably a drinking game where you and your friends take a drink every time the word SAVAGES is brought up.

Unfortunately, youíll probably end up passing out halfway through the movie, sober as a judge.

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I put this off for way too long, especially judging by how mesmerizing the trailer and the actual film in the end was. It's very gritty and just downright depressing. The entire landscape is so empty, and hopeless but that's more of a result of the vision of director Justin Kurzel and his DP. Lucas Pittaway, besides being compared to Heath Ledger in terms of looks, has also done an outstanding job portraying a broken soul who probably has never known what being truly happy was. It's just a sad, cold film, but I loved it.

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The Dark Knight Rises(2012)-9/10
Old 07-24-2012, 08:34 PM
Spoilers throughout

Batman begins - 8/10
The veteran - 7/10
Loved the ending didn't think a great deal of the lead actor (not sure of his name) but as I said an ending which packs a punch.
The delicatessen - 4/10
Four maybe a touch harsh but I expected so much from this French movie, the dreary background just killed me bland visuals In a bland movie that tries so hard to be great lacks on all levels for me.
House of 1000 corpses - 7/10
I've grown to love Devils rejects so you could guess my anticipation for the the first viewing of the first installment & I wasn't dissapointed the first half was very good get's a bit repetitive although Sheri Moon kept me glued. P.s The captain clown guy needs his own movie.
Batman Dark knight - 10/10
The amazing spiderman 6/10
I think Andrew Garfield makes a great spider-man & Emma Stone a sexy maiden but didn't enjoy the plot or the villain really I'm usually one for the lesser is better but another villain was needed here the lizard guy wasn't enough. I was completely bored by the last fight scene also the funeral at then end reminded me of the 2002 spiderman as did the start, I think another 10 years would have been a smarter time to reboot.
Batman dark knight rises - 8/10
I really want to give this a nine but apart from the last ten mins which I thoroughly enjoyed there weren't too many great moments I'll go more In depth In the actual dark knight rises thread.
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Like Crazy - A pretty good film dealing with difficulties in a relationship - specifically visa problems that force them into a long distance relationship. The film may have been paced a little too slowly but there were some touching moments between Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. 7/10

The Princess Comes Across with Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray - Lombard does a pretty decent Greta Garbo impersonation when she takes on her Swedish persona in order to further her acting career. The whodunit concerning the murder was pretty well done too. I especially liked the scene where MacMurray and his friend try to set a trap to find out who the killer is. The reveal is a bit of a surprise. 8/10

The Haunted Strangler with Boris Karloff - Karloff is trying to prove that a man who was executed for several murders was actually innocent. The end result was pretty predictable in this case. Karloff was pretty decent but it was otherwise just a B movie. 5/10
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We Bought a Zoo (6/10)
21 Jump Street (8/10)

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Switchblade Sisters

Jack Hillís trashy ode to the womenís liberation movement by way of Othello, of all things. An odd mix of influences for a modest girl-gang action flick, but Hill knows how to have a good time with the material. The style might best be described as bubblegum with razorblades. The story, such as it is, follows Lace (Robbie Lee), the alpha female leader of the Dagger Debs, an offshoot of the all-male Daggers led by her douchebag boyfriend Dom. We see her day to day routine of hanging with her girls, imposing her will on society at large with a wicked glare and the point of a switchblade, and of course contending with new girl Maggie (Joanne Nail), a feisty blonde who unwittingly starts to usurp Laceís power as top bitch through sheer leadership quality. Thereís a surprising amount of plotting to be had in that basic scenario of jealousy and revenge for such a blatant piece of exploitation, but donít worry, Jack knows the movieís limits and sticks to what it does best more often than not, culminating in a bad ass ending. A favorite of Quentin Tarantinoís, you can kinda see how the Sisters inspired a lot of Death Proof.

-> 7/10
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Forbidden with Barbara Stanwyck and Adolphe Menjou - A solid pre-Code film about a librarian falling in love with a married man. Stanwyck was excellent as she almost always was and I liked Ralph Bellamy as The man she is cheating on as well. 7/10

Drive - Ryan Gosling was fantastically understated in this film when he wasn't being excessively violent and it's nice to see Albert Brooks play against type. The ending wasn't quite as good as the rest of the film but it's definitely one that should have been better represented at the Oscars. 8/10
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STREET FIGHTER (1994) - 6/10

Trashy, cheap, stupid piece of film making which I find is a perfect example of SO-BAD-ITS-GOOD.
I laughed continuously, loved Raul Julia's performance and even the cheap sets had an air of pride to them. Moreover, the pacing is quite good and there's just SO MUCH silliness that I couldn't help but fall into the whole cheesiness of the successful failure at work.

One of my favorite scenes is when Chun-li is telling M. Bison her need for revenge (Bison, of course, killed her father). Meanwhile, Bison is changing behind a dressing wall, his head popping down and then up again with his huge cap...
She finally finishes her stupid speech and Bison starts casually making himself a drink, wearing a colorful robe - with his huge cap still on.
"I don't remember any of this," he says as he drops a couple ice cubes into the glass.
"The day M. Bison graced your town it was the most important day of your life. But to me... it was just Tuesday."

Holy fuck his line delivery was pure gold. And the way he chewed up that scene was comic bliss.

Yeah, I liked this movie. Didn't think I'd like it at all. And no, I had never seen it before.
Old 07-25-2012, 11:07 PM
I watched Cicak-man. 4/10.

I do not know which country movie it is.
Old 07-26-2012, 03:58 AM
Dawn of the Dead 2004 (8/10)
Old 07-26-2012, 07:41 AM
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation '89

I sat and watched this, for the first time, straight through - since 1993. I think the movie still holds a candle to being one of the best Christmas movies. I did still like it and bought the Bluray along with the original Vacation.

3 out of 4!

Friday the 13th '80

I watched the remake 3 years ago and hated it to death. So, I figured I would watch the original now for whatever reason. I do like it much better than the remake.

2 1/2 out of 4

Remake - 1 out of 4
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Session 9 - 7/10
Old 07-26-2012, 12:18 PM
Envy - Ben Stiller was terrible as the lead and the story wasn't much better. Why would Rachel Weisz agree to be in this? She's better than that. 3/10
Old 07-26-2012, 05:15 PM

My nostalgic side wants to rate it higher, but I "actually" think it's worthy of a 7. This is not a bad score at all, and what I find particularly wonderful about SPACEBALLS is the ability to 1) stand on its own and can be entertaining without the audience being required to see the movies referenced; 2) it's STILL funny even NOW!

Great movie for the bar, as well. It was playing at a bar on a 80" or 90" projector screen, and it was certainly getting the attention of many of the customers. That's because even if you don't love the movie, the memories of loving it when younger can take precedence.


The best thing about this hilarious, well-written and clever movie is the ability to make fun of the inconsistencies of STAR TREK's episodic logic and the strangeness of sci-fi fandom, yet also EMBRACE those very ideosyncracies and make it into its own entity.
I love this movie, and I think I always will. It's tough to walk that tightrope between parody and dramatic comedy without alienating the geekdom fanbase. So, good on this movie for doing almost everything right.
Old 07-27-2012, 12:46 AM
Last night I watch Cicak-man 2.

I like this movie.
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The Majestic (2001)

OK this isn't exactly the most original idea ever and the whole thing feels a bit like an extended 'Twilight Zone' episode (one of the more sensible ones), but this truly is a beautiful film with the kind of performances that are guaranteed to make you smile.

A simple tale set in the 50's, a young man is accused of being a Communist and his life is turned upside down. One night he gets slightly drunk and drives his car off a bridge accidentally and ends up almost drowning. He gets washed up on the shores of a small town where he is believed to be a WWII soldier killed years before.

This is complete and utter American pie through n through and I mean that in the best way possible. Generally things like this can be quite sickening with all the Stars n Stripes patriotism and this does have that, truth be told this actually has more treacly gooey hanky moments than you can shake a stick at.

There is also the element of the all American Communist 'witch hunts' which is the whole plot beneath the surface. Its only kinda touched on really but its played out in a typically heroic way for the main character in the end. You think he will submit to the government, a government of so called democracy, but he fights for truth and justice and the American way. Yes the finale is a bit too vomit inducing for us non Americans.

What works for me is the pure visual spectale of the film with the typically quaint white building built US town set amongst the glorious Californian woodlands on the pacific coast. In short this film looks stunning, its made to look extremely whimsical of course but it works. The era makes this work even better as the sight of old classic US cars cruising around, small diners, the smart fashions, jazz/big band music etc...give the film a very homely taste that I think anyone (more so adults probably) can enjoy.

The cast is another reason to like this film, how can you not enjoy seeing Martin Landau in a brilliantly moving role. I loved 'Ed Wood' and this yet another portrayal of angst and heartbreak but even stronger than before. Gerry Black also gives us a lovely performance for the old caretaker of the Majestic, his gravelly raspy voice draws you in whilst his cheeky grin is heartwarming. James Whitmore has a small role but he sure fits in well, performance is perfect as is his costume and character design, looks good with the pipe. To be honest all the main roles are played well by a host of solid actors, many I have seen before and merely know by face, reliable character actors.

Then we have Mr Carrey, to be honest a brave move as before this he was known only for his comedies. This doesn't mean he was the right choice of course hehe, in my opinion he can't quite handle the kind of serious emotion involved here (at least at this period in his career) and you can see it. A case of being type cast for over the top crazy ass characters or idiots, due to this you keep half expecting him to do something or say something daft. Carrey never really looks too comfortable in this film surrounded by proper quality character actors, he was yet to break away from his over acting lunacy.

A charming nostalgic film that manages to homage the golden age of small town 50's America and the classic (and much missed) age of big regal looking cinemas, but is also a stirring tribute to the fallen of WWII. It is extremely cliched and cheesy, love it or hate it I doubt there will be any middle ground here. It really does pull all the obligatory heart strings to get you choked up, every old trick in the mushy book, but damn it...it works!.
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The Dark Knight Rises

Nothing needs to be said about this other than the fact that this is cinema at its finest.

Old 07-27-2012, 07:35 AM
Beasts of the Southern Wild (9/10)
Cabin in the Woods (8/10)
Old 07-27-2012, 11:21 AM
X2 7/10
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A Fast and the Furious for hipsters. If you're a fan of muscle cars check it out.
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Yesterday, I watched all of four LETHAL WEAPON films.
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