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The Amityville Horror(1979)-7/10
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8/10 really cool movie
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Originally Posted by TheBlackCostume View Post
Red Dragon - I hate to admit that this was my first time seeing this film, especially being a big fan of Silence of the Lambs. It had the same feeling as Silence of the Lambs without feeling pretentious. However, Silence of the Lambs is easily the superior of the two films, but it's hard to compare any film to the brilliance of Lambs. Hopkins is truly amazing as Hannibal Lecter. There is no one else that could play that role quite like he can. I'll admit that when the film first started I wasn't sure about Edward Norton as Graham, but I soon became quite fond of the casting choice and found that his performance was top notch.

I can't remember, have you seen Manhunter? Awesome version of the same story...

Grimm Love - 8/10

-Really well made but Jesus that was hard to sit through. Terrific performances, a more-then capable hand behind the camera, and a tight, winding, script make this one something special, but there's also this Texas Chainsaw Massacre aura about it where you feel like you have to take a shower after viewing it. Great story that is sure it to be a bit different then anything you might have seen before.

Road Kill - 7.5/10

-Really liked this one too. A big motherfuckin' "Road Train" terrorizes a group of twenty-something's in the Australian outback, running them off the road, and then taking them on an odd satanic ride straight to hell after they find the vehicle abandoned. I love movies like this. Creativity runs rampant through this one. FUN AS FUCK!

The Mummy (1932) - 9/10

-Do I need to say anything? I can't believe this was made in 1932. A masterwork of the genre. Karloff's Im-ho-tep is one of those early monster performances that will always stand the test of time.
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The Devil at 4 O'Clock with Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra - A pretty solid disaster film with a volcano threatening a children's hospital on a tropical island. The effects were pretty good for the time and I liked many of the characters as well. 7/10

When a Stranger Calls (2006) - A pretty pathetic horror film with practically no scares. The premise is silly to start with and there is no payoff to any of the 'suspense' that builds. I like Camilla Belle but she didn't help matters in this film. 3/10
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Count Dracula (’69)

How could someone who showed such visual flair with Eugenie simultaneously create something so dully disappointing? Someone told The Jesus [Franco] to “tone it down”. Had to. No other explanation. Between Christopher Lee - in a non-Hammer affiliated performance as the Count - and the texturally pestilent score that sounds like European gothic meets spaghetti western (an odd but creepily effective mix), there’s little here for anyone who’s already seen their fair share of Dracula adaptations. It’s certainly not terrible, and The Jesus knows how to milk a scene for maximum ambience (and loooooves those smoke machines…), but if I had to steer you to a version of the story with suspense, sex appeal and beautiful period production design, I could just as soon go with Coppola’s or Badham’s, both superior in almost every way. But seriously – this one has a fantastic score. Also interesting to see Klaus Kinski playing the disturbed Renfield, a complete 180 to his role ten years later as the Count himself in Herzog’s seminal Nosferatu remake. Which, sorry to all Dracula performers to date, is my favorite version of the character ever committed to film.

-> 6/10
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Vamps (2012)

While IMDB says its coming in theater in NOV , i got it from a DVD at my ( not going there nearly as i used too anymore) videoclub.

Two Vampire chicks struggle to find happiness and love in modern time.

2 things made me says FUCK IT I'LL RENT IT.

1. Alicia Silverstone ... she had a good run prior to Batman 4 and i always thought she was a cutie than then. Then again , i think she is still a cutie now even at 36 yo.

2. Krysten Ritter ... the notorious B in Don't Trust the B in apt. 23.

Seemed like a good female duo for a brainless comedy. The jacket said it was from the same team as Clueless afterall. Fucking liars !

While the chemistry between the 2 in undeniable , the storyline is really really boring and doesn't come close to be remotly interesting for me. It's pretty clear the target audience is 12-14 yo girls.

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Originally Posted by UseYourIllusion View Post
I can't remember, have you seen Manhunter? Awesome version of the same story...

Nope, I've never seen it. I'll have to check it out for sure.

The Exorcist - I remember seeing this film when I was just a kid and being terrified. Now when I watch The Exorcist I still feel the creep factor, but I see the sheer brilliance in this extremely well crafted horror film. I believe my favorite aspect of the film is the gradual change we see in Regan as her possession worsens. I think that slow build toward her full blown possession is what makes the film very unsettling.

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Blue Steel

A film as cold in its tone and visuals as the title alone. Kathryn Bigelow's directing is solid, and Jamie Lee Curtis' performance is actually quite good; a definite breakaway from the "scream queen" persona she was labeled. Brad Fiedel's score is moody and a perfect touch that enhances the overall atmosphere - of which this film is plenty.

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The Return of the Living Dead(1985)-7/10
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Paranormal Activity 4 - 8/10

-Had a lot of fun at this one. The theater was packed with college kids and the movie managed to suck each and every one of them in. It was fun watching them react to everything, laughing in nervous anticipation for the jump scenes, reacting to every shadow in screen, screaming at every jump scare, and even cheering when the credits rolled. Haven't had a theater experience like this in awhile, and I really enjoyed the flick itself to as well as the experience. Way better then the last installment.
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Paranormal Activity 4
Moonrise Kingdom
Puss in Boots

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Watched some brilliant horror films lately that are all HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

- Curse Of Frankenstein - Picked up the new blu-ray release and absolutely love it. One of the greatest Hammer films of all time (and VERY important in British Horror cinema history) which looks better than ever. Probably one of the best Frankenstein films too.

- We Are The Night - A great vampire film, full of sexy vamp ladies and plenty of gore. These vampires are anything but glittery!

- Apartment 143 - Imagine Paranormal Activity, but even more intense! The film takes the haunted house movie and brings it into a typical block of flats. This one is really quite scary!

- Halloween 4 & 5 - These have just been re-released on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay so I had to pick them up! Two great sequels to probably the most important and well known slasher film of all time. Michael Myers is on top form here killing everything! The blus look brilliant and contain some very cool special features too.
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#75 first time viewing

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The Outsider - I liked Naomi Watts in this film of a Quaker woman who takes in a wounded gunfighter but nothing else really clicked. The story isn't even original as it's mostly taken from a John Wayne movie. 5/10

30 Days of Night - If you ignore the part about Josh Hartnett having a big role than this is actually a pretty good horror film. Melissa George was solid as the other lead and I really liked the ending. 7/10

30 Days of Night: Dark Days - A completely unnecessary sequel. This movie was just unoriginal and the violence was over the top. 3/10
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The Expendables 2 - 9/10

-What an awesome sequel. Loved everything about this one!
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Paranormal Activity(2009)-8/10
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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - 6/10
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Dr. No(1962)-8/10
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Madagascar (2005)

Dreamworks hit back with an animated tale about lovable zoo animals trying to escape to the wild. Always one step behind the mighty Pixar this feature seemed to be an attempt to try and combat the ever increasing list of Pixar classics that just kept on coming.

A curious blend of ideas really, the whole film is made to look quite sensible in terms of how things should look in reality. But there is a kind of Tex Avery/Chuck Jones feel to the main characters that is quite nice but also someone childish compared to the backgrounds and vista's we see. You then have the set up that the animals can all talk to each but not to humans, yet they can perform human acts without question.

The film slides from slightly emotional to sensible to most of the time outright off the wall. The plot is childishly simple naturally but it works OK, it actually gets a little twisted once 'Alex' the lion goes savage when his animal instinct kicks in. Problem is once the animals break out from New York the film becomes very average very quickly. Seeing how the animals live within their city dwelling was pretty good and made for some good clever laughs, nothing hilarious I might add but it worked.

The animals using the subway and at one point getting kicked in the nuts by an old lady does push the boundaries of even this fantasy. Unfortunately even that can't top the dreadful Lemurs they encounter on Madagascar, their leader for some reason given an Indian accent which is hideously unfunny.

The penguins were by far the best of the bunch for me as a small squad of military types led by 'Skipper' who sounds remarkably like 'Zap Brannigan' from 'futurama'. I can see why they got their own spin off. The rest of the animals are voiced well by a good team of big names but they aren't overly interesting really. Rock is plain annoying and that's the end of it, whilst Schwimmer is surprisingly well matched as the hypochondriac giraffe. Stiller does what he does in pretty much everything he's in, its fine.

Overall a very bright start but it just fades into a bland generic mess that includes a god awful hip hop sequence. The animation is fair, some smart visual gags here and there and the penguins are a great success but apart from that its all very meh. The impression I got was no one was sure which way they wanted to go with this film, so many alternative ideas colliding, bit of a mess.
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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)

All the characters are back and all are voiced by the same stars as before so continuity is a go for launch. Starting life as a prequel we get a brief glimpse at the main characters when they were very young in the zoo and how 'Alex' got there.

From there we are back on Madagascar as the mammal team prepare to leave in their homemade plane back to New York. On route the plane crashes in Africa where they all experience the real wild of their dreams and 'Alex' finds his family.

This sequel is a much better story and better executed if you ask me. The idea of seeing how 'Alex' got stuck in the zoo and then accidentally gets back with his family again is a neat idea. The film is still a mix of off the wall madness, emotion and realism in the form of visuals but its a much tighter plot with better visual gags and better characters. Gone are most of the lemurs thank god.

Alas we still have to put up with the Indian accented lemur leader who is painfully unfunny still but we also have some good new additions. Alec Baldwin as 'Makunga' is a really well designed bad guy or creep. Definitely made to look a bit like Baldwin with the thick glossy hair and slick sneering appearance hehe all the background animals actually add to the fun also, especially the fun idea of all the zebras being identical in every way and all the giraffes being hypochondriacs.

The old lady makes a reappearance I'm afraid, this time even more outlandish than before. Not just kicking animals in the nuts but having martial arts fights with them now and eventually becoming some kind of evil force against all the animals, pretty bad idea methinks.

Animation is still the same style of course but its all sharper and more fluid with some stunning African backgrounds and water work. The whole film feels much brighter, bolder, colourful and more enjoyable than the previous which seemed a bit drab. Still have some dreadful hip hop musical intrusions again, these seem to be a must for modern youth, gotta have plenty of hip hop pop culture in there. Incidentally the hip hop tune 'I Like to Move It' sung by all the lemurs in the first film seems to have become the franchises theme tune as we get it again here...facepalm.

Everything has been improved (almost) and we have a better film. Kinda feels like 'The Lion King'*but with much added lunacy and those cool penguins, the film wouldn't be half as good without those flightless little birds.
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The Serpent and the Rainbow(1988)-7/10
Old 10-21-2012, 07:06 AM
What a silly, stupid and ridiculous movie. But it was FUN! That's all that matters when it comes to something like this. So, with that I'll say that I enjoyed myself. However, much of the action lacks the idea behind having a conflict within the action, which can draw the audience away from caring...
but I digress. This is basically a "forget your brain" and laugh your way through some silly action kinda movie. In that respect, it delivers.

We were supposed to be watching THE FRIGHTENERS tonight, but I didn't bring the disc. So we went with this instead. Great movie, though, and it was a perfect intro for the next title...

So perhaps a 10/10 is a little "high", but here's the thing:
I watched it with a group of friends that never saw this before. One guy said "best movie ever made" and had never heard of Bruce Campbell before. This alone makes the movie TODAY so much more fun than the 50 other times I've seen it.
Add to that the enthusiasm from the other 8 people, and my love of this movie myself and not watching it for about 5 years plus - it makes it even MORE fun to enjoy.
Therefore, one of my favorite horror comedies that usually gets an 8/10, is warranted an upgrade tonight to "10/10". Nobody scream over this please.
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Resident Evil: Damnation - 6/10
Poor (if excellently animated) followup to the excellent Degeneration.
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Originally Posted by KcMsterpce View Post
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Old 10-21-2012, 01:51 PM

Damn this was a great movie. Affleck has proven himself to be one of today's best filmmakers.

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#77 first time viewing

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General Massacre - 2/10
Old 10-21-2012, 08:39 PM
Imaginary Friend - A pretty typical Lifetime movie in which the only thing that stood out was Lacey Chabert. The plot was predictable and Ethan Embry was pretty bad and has also aged terribly. 4/10
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Originally Posted by syxxpac View Post
Haha. Nice!
Old 10-21-2012, 09:43 PM
#78 first time viewing just finished

8.5/10 fucked up let visually stunning lol

now watching #79

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Pontypool (2008)

A zombie movie without zombies ( well 5 minutes at the end ain't much )

30 minutes into the movie , nothing was happening and i almost stopped it . Yet i'm glad i didn't because that was one of the most cerebral horror movie i watched in a while.

Based on a book that was adapted into a radioplay , this film is great on an atmopheric level. It's not gory or scary in the old meaning of traditional horror movies but it brings "uneasy" to a new level.

Basically , the movie is all about a zombie invasion felt thru the eyes/hear of a local radio station. The camera almost never leaves the radion station so you kinda get drawn into their own spiraling madness.

In an oversaturated genre , this movie was a breath of fresh air.

Bonus point because it's canadian and actually takes place in Ontario

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From Russia with Love(1963)-9/10
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Paranormal Activity 3 - The Paranormal Activity movies are I guess what you'd call a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't know why I enjoy these films, but I do. Maybe it's because of all the jump scares, and just the anticipation of what's to come. At any rate, I finally got around to watching the third installment and I have to say I was a little disappointed. While I was watching the movie there were some scenes that I remembered being in the trailer that didn't actually make it into the film--It's unfortunate because some of those scenes looked creeptastic. Also, I found the ending to be a bit cheesy. I understand what the film was trying to do as far as explaining how this "haunting" came to be, but I still feel it was a little too over the top (if that's even possible with these movies). At any rate, there were some really good jump scares, and the tension during the Bloody Mary scene was fantastic. I have yet to see the fourth film, but in my opinion this is the weakest link in the series that I've seen. However, it's still worth watching if you enjoyed the previous two films.

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Sleepy Hollow (7/10)
Hotel Transylvania (3/10)
Carrie (8/10)

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